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Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Millions of hearts were broken when the character Denny Duquette died on *Grey's Anatomy*. Luckily for his fans, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is alive and well and stops by Rachael's kitchen to tell her about his time on the show. "I miss it every day," Jeffrey admits. "You couldn't ask for a better kind of working circumstance." But as Rachael finds out, working every day while lying in bed wasn't as easy it might seem. Jeffrey explains: "I had to go through this 'strap in' period every day with all the tubes and stuff. Which is great until it's lunch time and everybody walks off the set and I'm strapped into the bed! Guys, guys, you can let me out of here!" Jeffrey was surrounded by beautiful women on *Grey's Anatomy*, but that's nothing new for him -- when Jeffrey first moved to New York City, he lived in a dorm room with 300 college girls! "It was good, it was a lot of fun," Jeffrey remembers. (Click on the video to watch Jeffrey talk about his own version of "Bosom Buddies.") When Jeffrey mentions that he's good in the kitchen, Rachael wants to know what his best dish is. "I'm really good at everything," Jeffrey boasts. "I take time with my cooking. During the summer, I'm really big on the barbecue. I do this thing, it's a flank steak pinwheel. It's really good. What it is basically is a flank steak that I marinate in a teriyaki sauce for a day or so. Then I pound it out and put spinach, bacon and parmesan on it and wrap it, throw a skewer through it. Then [once it's cooked] you cut it and it looks like little cinnamon buns of love ... only it's flank steak." As an "ode" to Jeffrey's signature recipe, Rachael cooks [Bacon BBQ Burgers][2]. [1]: /show/segments/view/jeffrey-dean-morgans-bosom-buddies/ [2]: /food/recipes/bbq-bacon-burgers-with-fire-roasted-corn-on-the-cob/

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