Katie Lee Reveals Her Strangest Pregnancy Craving

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Playing Katie Lee Reveals Her Strangest Pregnancy Craving

Katie Lee Reveals Her Strangest Pregnancy Craving

While Katie Lee is in her home kitchen making a Lemon Butter Pasta, she’s revealing what she’s been craving during her pregnancy with the baby she and her husband, Ryan Biegel, are expecting this September.

"Have you made anything crazy based on cravings?" Rachael asked.

"The other day, I made a sandwich with mayonnaise and sweet pickles and that was it. And it was strangely delicious," Katie said. "I’ve always liked to eat, but now I am ravenous and I can’t stop."

And have she and Ryan picked a name yet?

"We're making a list," she told Rachael. "We both are keeping names on our phones that we like. But it’s hard picking a name! It’s like, this kid’s going to have this the rest of their life!"

She shared her recipe for lemon butter pasta with parmesan cheese, which has been a family favorite in their house ever since she developed it for Ryan’s birthday a couple of years ago.

"Baby's happy now!" she says as she takes a bite.

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