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Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley is about to hit a big milestone, but says turning 60 will not send her to the plastic surgeon. "I'm not a surgery girl," she tells Rach. "I haven't had plastic surgery and I don't want it, but it's hard when you see your peers and they have!" Still, Kirstie wonders how the popularity of getting work done will change Hollywood. "Who are going to be the grandmothers in movies?" she jokes. "I can't quite figure it out." In addition to playing an aunt in the upcoming comedy *Nailed,* Kirstie is confronting her public battle with her weight in her new A&E reality show, *Kirstie's Big World.* The actress has lost 24 pounds so far, and Rachael wonders how she is handling the scrutiny, including appearances on talk shows where she's often been the subject on monologue jokes. "Most of those people have been in some pickles themselves!" Kirstie jokes. "Some people overdo it a little bit. I don't want to say names - Conan O'Brien - and I don't want to say the word 'karma,' but he doesn't have a show and I *do*!" The single mother of two launched her own product line, @[Organic Liaison](, to encourage people to add organic foods and supplements to their diet. "It's things that women need," Kirstie explains. "Calcium and magnesium, but in a form that's easy for your body to assimilate, and then the last product is an amino acid that helps you sleep." Kirstie is also on an organic cooking kick and heads to the kitchen to teach Rachael her recipe for [Organic Turkey Chili!](/food/recipes/kirstie-alleys-organic-turkey-chili/)

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