Must-Try Food Trucks Around the World—From London to Vancouver

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Must-Try Food Trucks Around the World—From London to Vancouver

Not only have food trucks been taking the U.S. by storm, but recently, they've been going global—from The Duck Truck in London to Mr. Bannock in Vancouver. 

The Duck Truck, London, England  

"I came up with this idea over 10 years ago now when I was working on a duck farm, and my job was to come up with recipes, so I ate duck every single day and I fell in love with it...So I bought myself a truck, The Duck Truck, and the rest is history," says the owner Ed. They're known for their Duck & Chips—and Ed even shows us how to make it.  

Mr. Bannock, Vancouver, Canada  

"We like to showcase the indigenous food culture here on the West Coast. We make our own syrups and compotes. And we love to smoke a lot of different meats—smoked pork, smoked chicken, smoked salmon. There [are] just so many things that you can do and experience for indigenous cuisine," says Paul, owner and operator of Mr. Bannock. The Bannock Taco is their fan-favorite dish—and we can see why!     

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