Rachael + David Muir Gush Over Their Pups!

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Playing Rachael + David Muir Gush Over Their Pups!

Rachael + David Muir Gush Over Their Pups!

ABC "World News Tonight" anchor David Muir is chatting with Rachael on today's show, and they're gushing about their pups—and Rach thinks they might make great running buddies!

"He just turned two," David says of his German Shorthaired Pointer, Axel. "I mean, that's one of the things about the pandemic, right? The suspended time, but it still keeps moving. Axel's already two."

David tells Rach that he often takes Axel on weekend runs through the woods and that Axel gave him a scare recently when he took off on his own after David let him off the leash as they got close to home.

"All of a sudden, silence. You couldn't hear him in the woods; he was gone. I had that heart-pounding moment we've all had — calling, whistling. He's having the time of his life, and he's giving me a heart attack."

"And sure enough, I turn around behind me in the driveway. The ears flapping, the tongue out of his mouth, he is so excited, barreling down the driveway. We go into the backyard, he passes out next to me…I’m sure he was like, 'You don’t even believe how taxing that was, that four-mile run.'"

"I'm thinking ... 'You! What you just put me through?!'"

Rach says she can relate, as her puppy, Bella Boo Blue, approaches her first birthday.

"I think that Bella may be a running mate and a girlfriend [for Axel]," she says. "Because Bella is a Pit Bull–Weimaraner mix, and she is 11 months old-ish…she can run like a thoroughbred horse. It's crazy. She can definitely go on the runs with you guys."

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