Rach's Greatest Tips

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Rach's Greatest Tips

Check out some of Rachael's double-duty tips! **Rubber glove moisturizer** Before you slip on those rubber gloves to clean your dishes, put some heavy hand cream on your hands. The heat from the hot water will help moisturize your dry, cracked winter hands. **Dental floss cutter** You can use a string of dental floss to cut soft cheeses like blue cheese or mozzarella -- or use it to slice yourself a piece of cheesecake! And, you can slide the floss underneath your cookies to loosen them from the baking sheet. (Note, the thicker the floss the better, and avoid flavored floss -- unless you want your food to have that minty fresh taste!) **"De-gunking" your can opener** If you're having trouble cleaning out the little bits of food or gunk that clog up the grooves of your can opener, take a small square of wax paper and thread it through the opener. As you turn the handle, the wax paper cleans out the food particles and lubricates the grooves for easier operating. **Reusing wine corks** Cut a thin slit on the top of a wine cork and use it to hold recipes while you're cooking, or as a place card holder for dinner parties. **Cookbook holder** Need a place to put your cookbook while you're busy making dinner? Take your skirt hanger, the kind with two clips on either side, and clip open your book to the page you need. Then, hang it from your kitchen cabinet handle so your book is at eye level!

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