Rach's Kitchen Time Savers

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Rach's Kitchen Time Savers

Rachael joins the tip-off with her newest kitchen time savers for grilling sausages and prepping guacamole so you're all set for your next big party! Get her tips below: **Use skewers on the grill:** "When you're going to cook up [hot] dogs or sausages of any sort for a crowd," Rachael explains, "skewer them all the way through and it really makes it so much easier to turn them all at once and get them nice and crispy and evenly cooked - without having to go one at a time!" You can also use skewers while grilling rope sausages and onions. "It just makes it so much easier to flip a large number of onion rings." **Remove avocado from the skin:** The next time you want to make fresh guacamole, add a cooling rack to the list of kitchen supplies for the recipe. Place the cooling rack on top of a large bowl and then take pitted avocado halves and squish them through the rack, using it as a strainer, and the avocado will land in the bowl below. [Click here for Rach's Guacamole recipe](/food/recipes/guacamole/)!

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