See Inside Home with Fun, Surprising Pops of Color Just Like Owner’s Famous Rainbow Explosion Cakes

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Playing See Inside Home With Fun, Surprising Pops of Color Just Like Owner’s Famous Rainbow Explosion Cakes

See Inside Home with Fun, Surprising Pops of Color Just Like Owner’s Famous Rainbow Explosion Cakes

Flour Shop founder Amirah Kassem—famous for her rainbow explosion cakes—gives a tour of her LA home, which is filled with pops of bright colors and fun patterns just like her creative cakes. 

Starting off in the living room... 

living room
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"Of course we had to go with a rainbow rug. It's my favorite color and it just makes me so happy. It also ties the room together with all the color. And then [I keep] the furniture pieces around it pretty neutral," Amirah says.  

Guests always obsess over her powder room... 

powder room
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"Just under the stairs off the living room, there was this little closet that I turned into a really small bathroom. It has a really fun wallpaper pattern. I did this LED mirror because all my friends love to come in and take a selfie in it," she explains. How cool is that?!  

And of course we had to see the kitchen... 

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"This is my favorite room in the house. I have all the pans that I'm allowed to store in this kitchen. We cook a lot, so I try to store all my favorite cookbooks here—the rest are in the living room," she adds. And, she even has one of Rach's books that she loves cooking from.  

The dining room is painted blue... 

dining room
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"Very, very crazy because I painted the entire thing blue. I really wanted it to feel completely different from the kitchen," Amirah says.  

She's a big collector of dishes—and her collection is SO impressive. "I guess you could say there's a dish for every theme," she adds.  

Her kids' playroom is a creative masterpiece... 

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"This is where I feel like my kids get to be really creative—and they get to play," she says. Instead of going with wallpaper, Amirah decided to paint the walls herself—and the result is epic.  

"One of the craziest rooms, but it's so much fun and my kids play in here every day," she shares.  

She turned the garage into a theater... 

movie room
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"It's really nice because since it used to be a garage, there's no windows, which makes it so natural to transform it into a movie room. We have a popcorn machine," Amirah says. Plus, she also has a super cool wall of guitars because her husband loves to play.  

The master bedroom is GOALS... 

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"This bed is one of my favorite pieces in the house just because it's a rainbow, but it's not. It definitely still has a lot of color and a lot of different elements. I love rattans and wickers, so I wanted to include that just to warm it up with the nightstands," she explains.  

She also went for pocket doors instead of regular ones to save space and to not block anything from the bedroom into the master bathroom.  

And even though the master bathroom isn't as colorful as the rest of the house, it definitely doesn't lack in style.  

Rachael Ray Show

Amirah's closet, on the other hand, is absolutely FULL of rainbow colors. And one of her favorite parts of her closet? The snacks. "Snacks in your closet is a huge pro tip," Amirah says.  

Rachael Ray Show

Check out the full video for all of the gorgeous home inspo, and don’t miss more tours from this episode, including HGTV star Chip Wade’s Atlanta workshop, Mary Giuliani’s cozy Catskills hotel and the most organized closet we've ever seen. 

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