Spring Entertaining Guide with Bobby Flay

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Playing Spring Entertaining Guide with Bobby Flay

Spring Entertaining Guide with Bobby Flay

Spruce up your spring entertaining menu with recipe ideas from Iron Chef Bobby Flay! "Spring is in the air and I love it, it puts everybody in a great mood," Bobby says. "Why not use some of those great spring ingredients?" He's showing you how to whip up a delicious and easy salad for your next dinner party, and enlists the help of Rachael and DIY expert Brooke Peterson for his [Warm Spring Lamb Salad with Asparagus, Fava Beans, Radicchio, Goat Cheese, Mint and Meyer Lemon Dressing](/food/recipes/bobby-flays-warm-spring-lamb-salad-asparagus-fava-beans-radicchio-goat-cheese-mint-and-meyer-lemon-dressing/). "For me, the real star of this thing is the vegetables!" After they finish the main course, Brooke shows them how to put together an [affordable beverage bar](/show/segments/view/brooke-petersons-diy-drink-bar/) with fun drinks for both the kids and adults!

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