Suburgatory's Jeremy Sisto

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Playing Suburgatory's Jeremy Sisto

Suburgatory's Jeremy Sisto

Jeremy Sisto stars in the oddly-titled *Suburgatory*, but he's no stranger to unusual names. He explains why he and his wife named their daughter Charlie Ballerina and their son Bastian Kick. "You know, I never dreamed about having kids," Jeremy tells Rachael. "So I didn't go through my life thinking, 'Oh, Larry's a good name.' When we decided to do it, I felt like we needed to name the child something that no other person had, so that he or she couldn't be associated with any other living person. So we felt we needed to find a name that really wasn't a name. Unfortunately, they go to school in L.A., so it's much more unique to have a normal name!" Several of Jeremy's projects have become classics to fans, from *Clueless* to *Law & Order* to *Six Feet Under* — but which role gets him stopped on the street the most? Watch the video above to hear his answer, and [enter here for a chance to win season one of *Suburgatory* on DVD!](/club/giveaways/emsuburgatoryem-season-one-dvd/)

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