Tom Jones Is Here!

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Playing Tom Jones Is Here!

Tom Jones Is Here!

Rachael has had a crush on Tom Jones all of her life, and now her dream guest is stopping by! The legendary singer tells Rachael whom *he* idolized when he was growing up. "I was a teenager in the '50s," he says. "So rock n' roll had just begun in '55 when *Rock Around the Clock* came out. So first of all, there's Bill Haley and the Comets. And then Elvis Presley with *Heartbreak Hotel*, and Jerry Lee Lewis, *Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On* and *Great Balls of Fire*. So then you have all those great rockers -- Chuck Berry, Fats Domino -- people like that." When it comes to Tom's own songs, Rachael wonders if there are any that he's grown tired of singing over the years. "No," he answers, "because the audience keeps them alive -- they're so recognizable." Rachael agrees. "I keep them alive all over my house! All over my neighborhood," she says, joking she even plays them "all over the gym -- on the rare occasion I'm there!" Tom's singing has earned him countless fans (and fans throwing their underwear at him!) throughout his career, but does the Welsh singer have any other talents? "I used to sketch a lot when I was a kid," he tells Rachael. "I think a lot of entertainers have another talent. Tony Curtis paints, and Tony Bennett paints. But I'm a bit lazy -- once I got into singing full time, that sort of took a backseat." Rachael asks if he thinks he'll ever pick up drawing again. "Maybe ... when I'm old!" jokes the 68-year old. "Maybe when I can't sing as well as I do now!"

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