Yoga for Your Face

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Playing Yoga for Your Face

Yoga for Your Face

You can hit the gym to tone your body, but is there a workout for the muscles in your face? Rach's buddy Gretta checks out a yoga face class that claims to do just that! "I went in there very skeptical," says Gretta about Yoga Face. But after one session of working through 25 poses including "The Marilyn" which has devotees blowing kisses to puff up their lips, and the "Louis Armstrong" where they fill their cheeks with air to work the muscles in that part of their face, Gretta sees a difference! "I can feel my facial muscles working and burning," says Gretta. "Honestly, when I left I really felt that I had much more flush -- more color in my skin." The class is the invention of Annelise Hagan, author of @[The Yoga Face.](, "I was teaching a lot of yoga and I had a lot of clients who were very into their fitness and they loved how yoga made them look younger, but they were getting surgical procedures on their faces," she explains. "I started thinking why can't yoga help the face? So I started looking at the anatomy of the face, the musculature of the face and training those muscles." In Rachael's honor, Annelise reveals her newest pose: mouthing an exaggerated version of "EVOO!" "You're really facially expressive and I think that's one of the reasons you look so great," she tells Rachael. "If you work out your face you're going to look young, so I named a pose after you because you were my muse." Rachael gushes over the flattery and says "I love it already!" [Extra Tips: Annelise demonstrates yoga poses for the forehead and eye area. ](/show/segments/view/extra-tips-yoga-your-face/)

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