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A Couple Goes from Camo-Clad to Chic in Two of Our Most Stunning Makeovers Ever

by Lisa Hirsch Lozano 5:05 PM, February 16, 2017

Aired February 17, 2017

Stacy Collins and Brandon Helms from Concord, North Carolina love comfy clothes and everything camo, but like most engaged couples, they’d like to kick their style up a notch before they walk down the aisle.

When it came to their signature looks, Stacy preferred baggy sweatshirts and tying her gorgeous curls up in a topknot, while Brandon hid his lean frame in oversized clothes and wore a chest-length beard that rivalled the facial hair seen on “Duck Dynasty.” We brought in style guru Kyan Douglas to give Stacy a glam pre-wedding style and to convince Brandon to trim a few inches (or a foot) off that beard.

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It wasn’t easy convincing Brandon to let go of his chin-mane, but Kyan was victorious. After he was done with them, this stunning pair could rival any young star couple on a red carpet! Their reveal brought Rachael to her knees and just might be our most stunning ever! Check out the video above to see their amazing transformations and the awesome bonus surprise Rachael had in store for them.