Wow! Incredible Makeover Transforms 'Cat Lady' Into the Cat's Meow

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Meet Kathy, a teacher who loves cats so much that for the last 30 years she’s only worn clothing with cats on it. Her daughter and husband came to us for help and we called in style expert Clinton Kelly for help getting her out of her feline style rut.

“You can use your clothes as an outward expression of your personality and the things that you love in a more “around the corner” way. You don’t have to scream ‘cat lady’ to let people know that you like cats,” Clinton says about “wearing” your hobbies.

Clinton gave her a sleek new look, which didn’t completely disregard her kitty obsession -- including a subtle cat print on her dress and a cat-themed ring.

Kathy hadn’t worn a dress, a skirt or heels since the ‘80s, so Clinton put her in a bootie. He says, “If you’re not so good at walking in heels, try boots because they give you a little bit more ankle support,” Clinton says.

Clinton also arranged for the shoulders of Kathy’s dress to be tailored, which he recommends doing to make a dress fit better if you are a petite.

Watch to see Kathy’s amazing reveal -- and her husband’s tearful reaction.

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