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Wilmer Valderrama Plays "2 Truths & a Lie" + Makeover For Amazing Cancer Survivor

"NCIS" star Wilmer Valderrama is joining Rach at the kitchen table to play "2 Truths and a Lie." Then, lifestyle and fashion expert Tommy DiDario is giving a makeover to a deserving viewer who beat cancer! Plus, Rach is serving up Korean Chili.

"Oprah's Favorite Things" With Her BFF Gayle King + Rach's Chili With Bacon

You get a gift! And YOU get a gift! Gayle King and Adam Glassman are back with "Oprah's Favorite Things" — and you don't want to miss them. Plus, we've got "Sex and the City's" Kristin Davis, and she's dishing on her new movie "Holiday in the Wild." Then, wait until you see how Chef Josh Capon rolls for Thanksgiving. (Okay, we'll tell you — Roasted Turkey & Wild Mushroom Roulade, anyone?) Plus, Rach is making a chili with bacon!

"SEAL Team" Star David Boreanaz's Favorite Cheat Meal + Rach's Meatloaf & French Onion Dip

David Boreanaz is in the house chatting about his role on "SEAL Team" and his favorite cheat meal. Then, Thanksgiving is coming up, so what should you do if you overeat? A doctor is breaking down how to keep your stomach happy. Plus, organizing guru Peter Walsh has all of the tips and tricks you need for traveling during the holiday season. And in the kitchen, Rach is making Roasted Turkey Meatloaf with French Onion Dip!

"Will & Grace" Star Sean Hayes On Final Season + A Butcher's Top Thanksgiving Turkey Tips

Sean Hayes is in the house, and he's talking about the final season of the "Will & Grace" reboot. (We're not crying, YOU are!) Plus, we've got a butcher breaking down everything you need to know about your Thanksgiving turkey — from when to buy it to when to thaw it. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Rach is making a fish stew!

Rach's Shepherd Pie + Matthew Rhys On New Mister Rogers Movie With Tom Hanks

Matthew Rhys is hanging with Rach and dishing on his new movie with Tom Hanks, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood." Plus, Rachael is in the kitchen serving up some Thanksgiving grub. And who wants Shepherd's Pie?!

This Week on the Show

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