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Rach's ALL-NEW Peanut Chicken Lettuce Wraps & Griddled Corn + A Shirt That Repels Red Wine Stains?!

Can a shirt really be stain-proof? Is there a quick and easy solution for wrinkled clothing when traveling? A few of our fashion-forward friends are putting laundry gadgets to the test in today's human lab. And when it comes to home renovation, is DIY-ing always worth it? HGTV's Chip Wade is breaking down what you should tackle on your own to save money — and what you should leave to the professionals. Organizing pro Peter Walsh is sharing the best clutter hacks he's learned from other people. And for dinner, Rach is cooking up Hot Honey and Peanut Chicken Lettuce Wraps!

Rach's 30-Minute Spanish Shrimp Scampi + Co-Host David Burtka's Best Party Tips

Neil Patrick Harris' better half, David Burtka, is Rachael's co-host for the day — and it's a party all hour long! David serves up chicken enchiladas, and top celebrity wedding planner Marcy Blum shares her DIY ideas for personalizing your big day. Plus, meet an empowering female street artist who is inspiring women everywhere — including in our studio. And Rachael's making a 30 Minute Meal: Spanish Shrimp Scampi and Rice.

Rach's Italian Sloppy Joes + How to Handle Everything From Fashion Fails to Auto Accidents

Ever get yourself into a situation and think, now what? Well, today's show is all about being prepared for the most unexpected situations. We've got you covered with expert tips for handling everything from fashion fails to auto accidents. Zanna Roberts Rassi has fast fixes for popped buttons and stuck zippers, a former NYPD officer reveals the items you should keep in your car at all times and Instagram's favorite medical professional, Dr. Mike, shares his emergency checklist… and so much more! What's on the menu for tonight? Rach's Italian Sloppy Joes — Yum-o!

Surprise Audience Makeover Leaves Rach Speechless + Front Porch Upgrades Under $100

We're kicking things off with a big surprise for an unsuspecting audience member! Beauty pro Mally Roncal pulls off an amazing makeover for one lucky lady — and you have to see the reveal that left Rach speechless. Then, we've got four DIY upgrades that will make your front porch look like a million bucks… for under $100! Host Mark Steines shares two miraculous stories from Nat Geo's "Animal ER Live" and talks about his own adorable pups. And Rach is making crispy chicken cutlets before she taste tests red wine at 3 different price points ($19.99, $30 and $100) — but can she guess which is the most expensive?!

Katie Lee's Blender (!!) Pancakes + The Best Day To Rent a Car

Today is our Shortcuts Show! Katie Lee from "The Kitchen" has two quick and easy breakfast recipes, including pancakes you can make in the blender (!!). Kim Kardashian's hairstylist shows you how to get celebrity looks — like sleek updos — at home. Travel expert Peter Greenberg reveals top travel secrets, from how to get the best rental car for the cheapest price to his trick for finding out if your flight is delayed *before* you get to the airport. And Rach is serving up Rotisserie Chicken Dumplings with Egg Noodles!

This Week on the Show

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