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Kate Hudson Dishes On Being A Mom of 3 + Are You Eating At The Wrong Times?

Can Rachael guess her mystery guest? Spoiler alert — it's Kate Hudson! Kate sits down with Rach to dish on why she can't wait for her son to turn 21, being pregnant with her now six-month-old daughter and her brand new clothing line. Then, the woman behind the most popular Pinterest page — Joy Cho of Oh Joy! — has 4 floral DIYs perfect for spring. Plus, are you eating at the wrong times? Celebrity trainer Jorge Cruise is here to change the way you look at food. Rach sits down with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Eagles guitarist Don Felder — and she's making Pad Thai for dinner!

Alec Baldwin Spills On Niece Hailey's Relationship with Justin Bieber + 2 Easy Weeknight Meals

Does Alec Baldwin want Justin Bieber to call him "Uncle Alec"?! He's giving Rach the hilarious scoop on Justin and his niece, Hailey Baldwin. Then, Chef Christopher Kimball is in the kitchen with two easy weeknight suppers (including a pork sandwich with garlicky mayo!) and Rach is serving up Pasta with Smoked Ham, Saffron and Cherry Tomato Sauce.

Lindsay Lohan Reveals What It's Like To Fire Someone + Organizing Guru Marie Kondo's Genius Folding Tricks

Lindsay Lohan is in the kitchen cooking up Garlicky Lemon-Pepper Shrimp with Rachael! Plus, she's got the scoop on her reality show "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" — including what it's like to have to fire someone! Then, organizing guru Marie Kondo (who has one of the hottest shows on Netflix) is here with four brilliant folding tricks. Go inside Rach's magazine with Editor-in-Chief Lauren Iannotti AND meet an inspiring young woman helping out our four-legged friends. Plus, Rachael's serving up a 30-minute meal for dinner!

Curtis Stone
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Chefs Curtis Stone + Geoffrey Zakarian Answer Your Food FAQs + Dr. Ian Smith's Oat Milk Recipe

Can't figure out how to cut an avocado? Wondering how to get the perfect hard-boiled egg? Chefs Curtis Stone and Geoffrey Zakarian are here, and they're answering your toughest foodie questions! Plus, Dr. Ian Smith is sharing his recipe for one of the hottest food trends: oat milk. And Rach is making Spaghetti with Mushrooms, Marsala and Mascarpone!

Kung Pao Chicken
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Rachael's Kung Pao Chicken + Peter Walsh's Spring Cleaning Organization Tips

Rach is making Kung Pao Chicken — and we've got an hour of spring cleaning tips! First, Peter Walsh reveals how you should be organizing your car, shoes, food storage and more — including his tips for eliminating that pesky kitchen junk drawer. Then, could robots transform the way you clean? Lifestyle and tech expert, Chi-Lan Lieu, shows us the coolest new gadgets that will make you WANT to do your chores!

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