Healthy Alternatives Like Protein Pizza + "Ice Cream" Cubes Helped This Man Lose 285 Pounds!

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From when he was a little boy, Dustin Brown – a.k.a. TikTok star @losetogain3 (who boasts over 440K followers and content with more than 12 million likes!) — said he used food as a "coping mechanism."

"It made me feel good," he says.

Until, of course, it didn't. Dustin gained more and more weight, and by the time he reached almost 500 pounds, he needed a breathing machine to sleep and medication to survive. That's when he decided to go on a proper weight-loss journey — the first of two.

The first time, it was for his dad. Dustin lost his father in 2004, but shortly before he did, he promised him he’d get his health back. And he did, making it down to 217 pounds! But as soon as he stopped his healthier habits, he gained back all the weight he lost in just a month's time.

So he started again, this time for himself – and for his little niece, who he loves to babysit.

"It all starts with one step," says Dustin. "I used to spend my whole life waiting for tomorrow to start, and it wasn't until I made a decision, one day, that I was just going to do the next right thing, and that I was just going to keeping taking one step."

He adds, "People really try to overwhelm themselves by taking on the whole world at once, but just one step at a time is all you really need to do."

If you, too, are ready to go on a weight-loss journey, Dustin shares what helped him the most.


1. Be accountable.
Tell a friend about your journey! Or post about it online. Let someone know what you are doing so they can help you keep yourself accountable.

2. Find ways to measure progress that are not the scale.
Dustin says he kept his old belt and, every time he lost more weight, he would drill a hole into the belt. That really helped him see how far he'd come!

3. Eat every four hours.
Dustin insists — feed yourself! Do not be on too strict of a calorie deficient.

4. Get a lot of protein!
As Dustin notes, "It's the most filling macronutrient." That's because you burn more calories digesting it. Plus, it builds muscle!

5. If you love certain foods, find a way to make them better.
"I love pizza!" says Dustin. "I didn't want to live a life without pizza." So he made his own high-protein version. He also makes protein "ice cream" cubes!

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