AUGUST 1 - AUGUST 5, 2016

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David Muir & Buffalo Bacon Corn on the Cob?!

Love corn on the cob? Rachael and her brilliant culinary team show you five incredible corn on the cob toppers you must make before corn season is over, including Buffalo Bacon Corn! Also in the kitchen: ABC's "World News Tonight" anchor David Muir, who's recapping his big interviews with Hillary Clinton and Pope Francis! Then, grab your tissues, because Rachael meets one local barber who's gone out of his way to inspire young children to read. What's for dinner? Get ready for the easiest five-ingredient supper ever: Fish Fry!


Our Family Tip-Off Show! Plus, the 'Pizza Cuz' Guys Reveal the Best Way to Cook Frozen Pizza

It’s our ‘Family Tip-Off Show’ with HGTV’s ‘The Cousins’ as they square off with their best DIY décor tips! Foodie lovers, get excited because we’ve also got the guys behind Cooking Channel’s ‘Pizza Cuz’ serving up delicious tricks, like how to properly cook a frozen pizza and use up leftover spaghetti! Lastly, the Zarian twins, Gregory and Lawrence, reveal their go-to fashion hacks. What’s for dinner tonight? It’s an all-new 30 minute pasta supper!


Sarah Jessica Parker, a Simple Summer Salad & Puppies, Lots of Puppies!

Sarah Jessica Parker reveals some surprising secrets about “Sex and the City” and spills the details about her upcoming HBO comedy series, “Divorce.” Plus, ever wonder how you can get your hair to look like Kate Middleton’s, or your cheekbones to resemble Kim Kardashian’s? An expert helps three viewers recreate the latest celebrity beauty trends. What’s for dinner tonight? A healthy Thai Beef Salad.


Sherri Shepherd, 5 Life-Changing Kitchen Gadgets & Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Kid-Friendly Treats

Spend your Columbus Day with Rach and our co-host for the day, Sherri Shepherd! They hang with TV star Sarah Michelle Gellar, who shares some of her favorite kid-friendly recipes, including a gadget that can help open even the toughest of jar lids. Christopher Kimball keeps the party going with five incredible kitchen gadgets you need to try, and Rachael makes a five-ingredient fat spaghetti!


Andy Cohen Plays 'Plead the Fifth' & YouTube Sensation Audrey Dances With the Brooklynettes!

Funny man Andy Cohen is hanging with Rachael today, and watch what happens when she puts him in the hot seat for a round of “Plead the Fifth”! Then, the beautiful and multitalented Julianne Hough gets cookin’ in our kitchen to make her go-to breakfast. We’ve also got Audrey, the adorable YouTube dancing sensation, performing with the Brooklynettes! And, Rachael’s cooking up a dish that’s perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner: Blue Chilaquiles Verde with Eggs.