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Friday: Rach's Dinner Party with Chef Curtis Stone & Tiffani Thiessen



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Emeril Lagasse, an 'Amazing' Proposal & the Reunion that Brought Sunny to Tears!

We're reuniting our good friend Sunny Anderson with her idol, Emeril Lagasse, in a television moment that will bring a tear to your eye! Then, TV host Phil Keoghan has a huge surprise in store for a couple who considers themselves 'The Amazing Race' superfans! And, we're bringing a 10-year-old basketball phenom face-to-face with former NBA star Jason Collins. Plus, Rachael’s whipping up a make-your-own-takeout dish with a cook who calls Rachael her idol!


Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Skinny Slow-Cooker Sliders

"Fox and Friends" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is here, and she's showing you how to get skinny using your slow cooker with a recipe for gluten-free BBQ Chicken Sliders! Plus, she's catching up with Rach about her recent surgery and whether she'd ever come back to 'The View.' Then, we’re learning safety tricks from a former CIA agent who’s revealing clues you might be giving criminals without even knowing it! Plus, we’ve got deals just for you on hot new beauty products, and Rachael’s cooking up a brand-new pasta dinner!


Can Rach Beat William H. Macy at 'Kitchenary'? Plus, Dr. Ian's Cheesy-Stuffed Chicken

It's a day of "firsts"! Multi-talented actor William H. Macy is making his first visit to our show, and Rach is challenging him to a hilarious game of 'Kitchenary' you won't want to miss. Then, Dr. Ian is whipping up a guilt-free Cheesy Chicken from his first cookbook! Plus, we’re helping one viewer see for the first time in five years with the help of new technology. And later, Rachael’s making an Espresso Chili!


What's the Best Time of Day to Cheat on Your Diet?! Plus, 60-Second Desserts!

Set your clocks, because Rachael and her co-host for the day, "The Biggest Loser" trainer Bob Harper, are revealing the best time of day to do just about anything! Follow along as they unveil the best time of day to clean your house, see your doctor, cheat on your diet and more. Then, one of the brilliant members of our culinary team is whipping up delicious desserts in UNDER 60 seconds. Plus, Rachael's making Chicken Suiza Soft Tacos!


Rach's Dinner Party with Chef Curtis Stone & Tiffani Thiessen

We're throwing a dinner party on Friday, and Rach's first guest is our co-host for the day, chef Curtis Stone! They're joined by Kelly Kapowski herself: '90s TV icon Tiffani Thiessen! Plus, our good friend Katie Lee is stopping by with incredible gadgets that will impress your guests. And, don't miss a special message from First Lady Michelle Obama, who has a challenge for Rach that will inspire us all. What's for dinner? Rach is making Steak Fajitas for the weekend!