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Thursday: Richard Blais' Easy Steak Dinner, the Wildest New Hair Trends + We Put a Zero-Sugar Diet to the Test

MARCH 20 - MARCH 24, 2017

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Jake Smollett + Our Problem Solvers Get You Dinner for a Deal + Style for a Steal

Our Problem Solvers are helping you cash in – with strategies for cooking, cleaning, and shopping on a budget! Peter Walsh uses socks to clean your blinds, Gretta Monahan reveals how to save on clothes by purchasing menswear and Jake Smollett takes store-bought ramen to the next level! Plus Rachael’s cooking up an Italian-Style Beef Vegetable Soup that’ll save you time and money!


Is Weight Really Just a Number? Plus actress Judith Light Dishes With Rach + Mario Batali Makes 'Hanky Pankies'

“The Chew’s” Mario Batali is making Hanky Pankies in the kitchen! Then, from the groundbreaking hit show “Transparent,” Judith Light is chatting with Rachael and Dr. Ian’s teaming up with a viral sensation who lost over 100 pounds to prove that weight really is just a number. Plus, Rachael’s making date-night dinner.


Can Garlic Help You Get Over a Cold? Plus 3 Tips Every Pet Owner Needs

Dr. Ian Smith is Rachael’s co-host today and he’s schooling us on foods that cure some of your most common ailments…like garlic for colds and pineapple to cure congestion! Plus, a pharmacist schools us on some surprisingly common mistakes. Then, a husband-and-wife veterinary team give us three tips every pet owner needs to know…with three adorable dogs as their helpers! Plus, Rachael’s making a souper supper.


Richard Blais' Easy Steak Dinner, the Wildest New Hair Trends + We Put a Zero-Sugar Diet to the Test

In the mood for a new look? We’ve got the do’s and don’ts of the wildest new hair trends... like how to rock a modern version of the perm! Then, Chef Richard Blais reveals his do’s and don’ts for pulling off an easy – but delicious – steak dinner! Plus, one viewer puts a “zero-sugar diet” to the test and Rachael’s making stuffed potatoes.


Grammy Winner Kelly Clarkson, Rescue Puppies (!!) + 5 Superfoods You've Never Heard Of

She’s the original American Idol, a three-time Grammy winner and now, an author… Kelly Clarkson is here! And she’s meeting adorable puppies rescued from floods in Louisiana that are looking for homes. Plus, we’re introducing you to five superfoods you’ve probably never heard of and Rachael’s making Reuben Patty Melts.