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Friday: What’s Dr. Phil’s Favorite Curse Word? And, the Secrets of the Perfect Patty Melt Revealed!


AUGUST 25 - AUGUST 29, 2014

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5-Ingredient Meals to Make With Your Family & Who Will Win "The Great American Cookbook Competition"?


Who Will Beat Bobby Flay? A 'Vikings' Star, a 12-Year-Old Ping-Pong Whiz, or Rach?

Bobby Flay is hanging with Rach for the whole show, and the star of ‘Beat Bobby Flay’ is letting us turn the tables on him to see who he can beat! First, we're testing his ping-pong skills against a 12-year-old whiz. Then, 'Vikings' star Katheryn Winnick tries to outmatch his martial arts moves. And later, Rach joins in with her own challenge for the chef, and you won't believe what happens! Plus, Bobby shares a recipe from his new restaurant and joins Rach in the kitchen as she makes Cider-Brined Pork Chops with Sweet Potatoes and Greens!


Donny Osmond’s Surprise Knocks a Fan Off Her Feet & Jerry O’Connell Crashes Rach’s Burger Night

Donny Osmond is pulling off a huge surprise for one of his biggest fans, and you won't want to miss her hilarious reaction! Plus, Rach is visiting the set of 'America's Got Talent' to hang backstage with the show's four judges, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B! Then, she's heading back to the kitchen with another famous face: Jerry O'Connell is crashing burger night! And, we’re teaming up two great cooks, who have the worst kitchens in America, with celeb chefs for the ultimate cook-off … to win a brand-new kitchen!


Dr. Travis’s Weight-Loss Smoothie & “Top Chef" Richard Blais Doctors Up 3 Summer Classics

The Doctors' Travis Stork is helping you stay healthy all summer long with a 30-second breakfast you'll want to try this week! Then, chef Richard Blais is putting a fun twist on three summer classics with sous chef Regis Philbin, including a Chili-Spiced Corn on the Cob wrapped in prosciutto! Plus, chef Robert Irvine is putting his spin on the 10 most common ingredients in your fridge! And later, Rach is making a BLT Soufflé Frittata!


What’s Dr. Phil’s Favorite Curse Word? And, the Secrets of the Perfect Patty Melt Revealed!

Our short-order co-host Katie Lee is serving up the perfect patty melt to Dr. Phil! After he eats, he's answering hilarious questions from our audience, including his favorite curse word! Then, Rach takes over in the kitchen to whip up a Maple Turkey Burger with Bacon, Blue Cheese and Onion for guest Bill Rancic. And, before you dine out this weekend, Dr. Ian Smith is revealing the dirty secrets some restaurants don't want you to know!