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Tuesday: 5 Chefs Play 'Musical Meals' with Dr. Phil & Katharine McPhee's Dog Crashes Our Show!



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Our '9 Million Meals' Challenge Begins & 'Magic Michael' Strahan Dances for Donations

We're starting season 9 in a huge way -- with a campaign to help donate #9MillionMeals for hungry Americans! All season long, we’re collecting donations from our celebrity guests, audience members and viewers at home – with the goal of donating 9 million meals to food banks and pantries across the country! TV's Michael Strahan is helping us kick it all off, and Rach is challenging him to some dares for donations … like showing us his best "Magic Mike-inspired" moves. And later, Rach is making a Turkey and Vegetable Chili that will count as our first 1,000 meals toward the 9 million!

To learn more about 9 Million Meals, including how to donate, click here.


5 Chefs Play 'Musical Meals' with Dr. Phil & Katharine McPhee's Dog Crashes Our Show!

Dr. Phil McGraw is in the house, and he and Rach are challenging five talented chefs to a game of 'Musical Meals'! Each chef must cook up a dish by the end of the show, but they'll have to do it while rotating stations on Dr. Phil's command! Then, when was Dr. Phil's first kiss?! He's answering this and more in a hilarious speed-round Q&A with our audience. Plus, Katharine McPhee is here to talk about her new show, 'Scorpion,' and Rach is making a 30-minute grilled eggplant dinner!


Biggest Loser Trainer Bob Harper Is Helping Our ENTIRE AUDIENCE Lose Weight!

We're filling our entire audience with viewers who each want to lose 50 pounds or more by the end of the season, and who better to help than Bob Harper?! The Biggest Loser trainer and our audience are joining together for a life-changing weight-loss journey, and it all starts now! Plus, he's making a Spaghetti Squash Casserole! What's for dinner? Rach's Snapper Vera Cruz!


Football Legend Tony Gonzalez's Game-Day Chili & A Huge Surprise from Guy Fieri

Former NFL star and current CBS "Thursday Night Football" contributor Tony Gonzalez is co-hosting for the entire hour! Rach is sending him out to visit an amazing couple who is using football to influence kids' lives, and you won't believe the heartwarming surprise Tony has in store! Then, Tony's joining Rach in the kitchen to whip up their tastiest tailgating treats, from game-day chili to Carne Asada Tacos! And, he and his wife, Tobie, are getting our entire audience up on their feet with a workout routine you can do at home!


Neil Patrick Harris Plays 'Kitchenary' & Can John Gidding Pull off the Smallest Space Makeover Ever?!

Newlywed Neil Patrick Harris is chatting with Rach, and they're playing a round of 'Kitchenary' you won't want to miss! Then, design guru John Gidding is helping a husband surprise his wife by giving their 200 square-foot apartment a huge makeover! And, Rach is helping you plan your weekend dinner menu by making a delicious chicken dinner cooked in wine!