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Wednesday: Kirstie Alley, 3 Guilt-Free Recipes for Summer & Rach's Zucchini Tomato Pie

MAY 25 - MAY 29, 2015

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Rach & Mario Batali Turn Our ENTIRE Studio into a Farmers Market!

We've transformed our ENTIRE studio into a farmers market! Our first shopper: 'The Chew's' Mario Batali, who's using the ingredients he buys to make farm-fresh Italian favorites like Salami Cheesecake and Spicy Ricotta Sandwiches! Then, can apples help whiten your teeth?! We're uncovering five foods from the farmers' market that can help fix some of your most common health issues. And, Rachael's making a delicious 30 Minute Meal: Sweet Pepper Riggies!


What Happens When an Animal Escapes onto Our Set?! Plus, a Burger Dedicated to Craig Ferguson!

Get ready to laugh out loud with funnyman Craig Ferguson! The late-night legend is taking our audience's rapid-fire questions, and his answers will have you rolling in the aisle. Plus, he's sticking around to play a round of 'What Are We Touching?', and you won't believe the furry friends our animal expert, Jarod Miller, has brought along this time. Then, Nate Berkus is helping three couples settle their biggest design dilemmas when he judges a game of 'Decor Wars'! Plus, Rach's making an all-new burger in Craig's honor: 'The Ferg Burg'


Kirstie Alley, 3 Guilt-Free Recipes for Summer & Rach's Zucchini Tomato Pie

The fabulous Kirstie Alley is in the house, and she's giving us an update on her incredible weight-loss journey. Plus, one of New York's hottest radio personalities, Angie Martinez, is throwing down healthy twists on three recipes you must make this summer, including Turkey Picadillo. And, Rachael's making a Zucchini Tomato Pie!


Rach & Cat Deeley Count Down Your Top 10 Favorite Recipes

You picked 'em! Now, we're cooking 'em! Rach and co-host Cat Deeley are serving up your top 10 favorite recipes - everything from Florentine Penne, to Chicken Pot Pie and Grilled Pinwheel Steaks! Plus, one of the stars of 'The Big Bang Theory' stops by, and Rach is making a delicious Pasta with Parmesan Fondue!


Who Is the Duchess of York's Celeb Crush? Plus, Co-Host Donny Osmond!

Music legend Donny Osmond is Rach's co-host for the day, and we're putting him 'On the Spot' by having him answer our audience's most pressing questions. Then, Rach, Donny and HGTV's Genevieve Gorder are helping one expecting mom find out the gender of her baby, and you won't want to miss the exciting reveal. Plus, the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, is sharing her secrets to losing 55 pounds. And, Rachael's making Spicy Turkey Burgers with BBQ Onions for the weekend!