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Friday: Can Rach Outsmart Our Mystery Taster? Plus, Our Glam Squad's Triplet Transformation

AUGUST 24 - AUGUST 28, 2015

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Lasagna, Brownies and Chicken Waffles! 5 More Recipes to Make Before You Die

We're counting down five MORE recipes to make before you die! Michael Symon, Buddy Valastro, Fabio Viviani and Curtis Stone are joining Rach for one to-die-for hour that includes essential recipes for Croque Madames, Lasagna Bolognese, brownies and more! Plus, don't miss Rach's mouth-watering edition to our list: Spicy Chicken and Cheddar Waffle Sandwiches!


Bob Harper Turns One Slow-Cooker Sauce into 3 Skinny Meals! Plus, Melissa Rivers!

Looking for new ways to eat healthy? 'Biggest Loser' trainer Bob Harper is rolling over his delicious slow-cooker tomato sauce into skinny summer suppers! Bob's also sticking around for our Weight Loss Warriors' emotional final-weigh in, and you won't believe the results. From there, it's off to the kitchen table, where Fashion Police co-host Melissa Rivers is sharing her favorite memories of her late mom, Joan. And, Dr. Ian Smith is putting on his police badge for an unforgettable trip to the set of General Hospital!


Icons Tom Brokaw, Tony Bennett & Rach's BLT Twist on Spaghetti

Rach is chatting with not one, but two icons on Wednesday. First up: Former news anchor Tom Brokaw, who's sharing stories from his popular memoir. Then, music is in the air when Rach gets a visit from legendary singer Tony Bennett! And, some of Rach’s biggest friends are coming together for an inspirational cause. Don’t miss a minute of the action, including the surprise moment that brought Rach to tears!


Michael Symon, Sunny & Rach Share Their Favorite Throwback Thursday Recipes

We're celebrating Throwback Thursday with one of our most delicious hours ever! Six of Rachael's foodie friends are stopping by to share their favorite recipes from childhood. Among the many: Michael Symon's favorite meatballs; Katie Lee's beef stroganoff; and Sunny’s potato chip chicken! Grab your family around the television, because this is one hour you won't want to miss!


Can Rach Outsmart Our Mystery Taster? Plus, Our Glam Squad's Triplet Transformation

We’ve got a Mystery Taster in the house, and Rachael's using clues to guess their identity while whipping up a delicious summer snack: Grilled Guacamole! Then, get ready for a triple transformation! Our incredible glam squad is giving brand-new makeovers to three sisters who have worn the same look for the last 44 years. What's for dinner? Rach is closing out the week with the perfect pesto pasta!