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Monday: John Gidding's Budget Backyard Makeover & a Former CIA Officer's Top 9 Safety Tips for Summer


JULY 28 - AUGUST 1, 2014

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John Gidding's Budget Backyard Makeover & a Former CIA Officer's Top 9 Safety Tips for Summer

All NEW: Are your daily expenses and monthly bills making it hard for you to save money? Financial guru Alexa von Tobel is helping one couple get on the right financial track with simple cost-cutting tricks that you can apply to your own budget today! Then, if you're gearing up for a summer vacation, don't miss our chat with a former CIA officer who's revealing his top tips to keep you and your family safe in hotels, on planes and more. Plus, design pro John Gidding is showing you how to make your backyard look like a million bucks for just a fraction of the cost. And later, Rachael’s making a Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu!


Heidi Klum's Secret Soup Recipe ... with Celeb Taste Tester Tim Gunn!

America's Got Talent judge Heidi Klum is the one showing off one of her talents today. She's heading to Rachael's kitchen to whip up her family's favorite soup! Is it a hit? Celebrity taste tester Tim Gunn decides. Then, Tim is sticking around to give a serious "man-over" to a dad who hasn't changed his look in almost 40 years! And, don't miss Rachael's sizzling steakhouse dinner!


Peter Walsh Saves You $1,000 at Home & the "Next Great Baker" Challenge Hits Our Studio

ALL-NEW: Organizational pro Peter Walsh is showing you five home fixes that could save you $1,000! Then, want to save calories so you can indulge in a little dessert this summer? One of Australia's "Biggest Loser" trainers, Michelle Bridges, is sharing her top three tips for staying healthy all year long, and TLC's "Cake Boss," Buddy Valastro, is keeping your sweet tooth happy by making summer's easiest dessert. Plus, our audience is helping Buddy find TLC's "Next Great Baker" by judging over-the-top cakes that will blow you away! What's for dinner? Rach is whipping up your new favorite recipe: Steak Tacos!


Your Favorite Couch Potato Recipes: Swedish Meatballs, English-Muffin Pizzas, Quesadillas & More!

It's our "Couch Potato Show," and we're cooking up a new spin on some of the best foods for lazy days! First, co-host Bill Bellamy is putting a delicious twist on English muffin pizzas. Then, how well do you know your crime shows? Rach, Bill and TV star Omar Epps are racing against the clock as they play a hilarious game that will keep everyone guessing! Plus, chef Chris Santos is adding easy-to-eat quesadillas to the party. What's for dinner? Rach is making your most requested recipe: Swedish Meatballs!


Sunny Anderson's PB&J Dip & Nachos That Won't Blow Your Diet

We're helping you plan ahead for football season with a full hour of game-day grub! First, our pal Sunny Anderson is here with two dips that will kick your snacks up a notch: Creamy PB&J Dip and a Hot Bean & Cheese Dip! Then, it's our first-ever Snack Stadium Smackdown, as we challenge two competitors to build stadiums ... out of snacks! And later, Rach is kicking off the weekend by making nachos for dinner!