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Monday: Our Audience Garage Sale with Patricia Heaton & We Deliver Peter Walsh in a Package to One Family!



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Our Audience Garage Sale with Patricia Heaton & We Deliver Peter Walsh in a Package to One Family!

We're turning our entire studio into a garage sale, and we're giving you every tip you need to know before you throw one of your own! Then, actress Patricia Heaton is joining in on the fun by auctioning off a treasure from her own show, "The Middle"! Plus, what would you do if Peter Walsh showed up on your doorstep ... in a box?! One family of seven gets the surprise of their life when Peter arrives to give their garage a much-needed makeover. And, Rachael’s making a meal perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner: Steak & Eggwiches!


Howie Mandel’s Surprise Calls with Fans Go Wrong & a Viewer Gets Her First Haircut, EVER!

"America's Got Talent" judge Howie Mandel is in the house! He's joining Rach for a hilarious game of "On the Line," and you won't believe what happens when a fan unexpectedly turns the tables on him! Then, Kyan Douglas is giving one viewer her first haircut ever and showing off the incredible results live in our studio! And, we're giving John Gidding one of his biggest challenges ever: He has just 24 hours to redecorate one viewer's home. Can he pull it off? Tune in Wednesday to find out! And later, Rachael’s cooking up turkey burgers stuffed with bacon!


Our "Up All Night" Show with Emeril’s Midnight Panini and a "Magic Mike-Inspired" Surprise for Rach

Emeril's kicking it up a notch as Rachael's co-host: They're pulling an all-nighter and making some of their favorite midnight snacks. Then, after searching for the worst PJ's in America, Gretta Monahan is helping some of our viewers go from frumpy to fabulous in the bedroom. And, did John Gidding pull off an overnight home makeover? He and one viewer are revealing the results in our studio. Plus, Rachael's making one of your most favorite dishes: Carbonara!


Kirstie Alley's Diet Chicken Fingers & a Viewer Who Lost Half Her Size

The fabulous Kirstie Alley is here, and she's giving Rach an update on her inspirational weight-loss journey. Then, she's in the kitchen to put a healthy twist on chicken fingers your kids will love. Plus, Kirstie’s helping one viewer who lost half her size get a makeover to fit her incredible new body. And later, don't miss Rachael's fried chicken fake-out!


Rach, Bobby Flay & Richard Blais Show the Basics Every Cook Needs to Know

Want to learn to cook like the pros? Chefs Bobby Flay, Richard Blais and Jacques Pépin have your cooking basics covered -- like how to make your own butter at home! Plus: a 4-hour meal in just 25 minutes?! We'll show you all that and more! And, Rachael's going back to basics by showing you how to get the crispiest skin on your chicken!