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Friday: Bobby, Giada, Alton and Rach Have a Viewer-Inspired Challenge for the Food Network Star Finalists!


JULY 21 - JULY 25, 2014

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The Shopping List That Could Help You Lose Weight & Rach's 60-Minute Challenge for John Gidding

ALL NEW: Could multigrain bread and trail mix be derailing your diet?! Dr. Ian Smith reveals what foods in your grocery cart might not be as healthy as you think! Then, it's John Gidding's biggest design dilemma yet! He's got just 60 minutes solve one couple's couch crisis, and you won't want to miss a second of the action! Plus, two Infomercial pros put their sales skills to the test and help our local New York City coffee vendors! And, Rachael’s making a sweet and spicy chicken dinner!


Nate, Kyan & a Top Chef Ambush Unsuspecting Viewers & the Dish That Crashed Oprah's Website!

What would you do if Nate Berkus crashed into your shopping cart?! The world-famous designer is surprising shoppers and helping them solve their biggest design dilemmas. Then, we're sending chef Richard Blais to the grocery store to find a shopper willing to get a cooking lesson in our studio! And, beauty pro Kyan Douglas is giving one unsuspecting audience member the makeover of her dreams, and you won't believe the stunning reveal! Plus, Rachael's making the dish that crashed Oprah's website!


The Best Wedding Proposals – Caught on Tape! Plus, a Makeover 61 Years in the Making!

Rach is enlisting help from her celebrity pal, Stephanie March, to pull off an unforgettable makeover after meeting a viewer who is ready to wear makeup ... for the first time ever! Then, after their wedding proposal went viral, one couple is heading to our studio to share their emotional journey, and Rach has a huge surprise to help them plan their upcoming nuptials. And later, Rachael’s making Spaghetti with Chickpeas and Roasted Cauliflower!


Rach’s First Selfie … with the First Lady as They Cook in the White House

Rachael’s spending some time in a different kitchen today – she and First Lady Michelle Obama are making Sweet Potato Soup in the White House! Then, we’re challenging two families with drastically different eating habits to try each other’s menus for a week and experience a new lifestyle. Plus, one dad diagnosed with cancer is sharing his inspirational story of how he’s using his remaining time to connect with his daughter, and his life lessons will bring a tear to your eye! And later, Rachael’s back in her own kitchen to make Chicken and Barley Soup!


Bobby, Giada, Alton and Rach Have a Viewer-Inspired Challenge for the Food Network Star Finalists!

ALL NEW: Three of the biggest Food Network stars are in the house! We're helping Bobby Flay, Alton Brown and Giada De Laurentiis find the next Food Network Star with an in-studio challenge you won't want to miss! Plus, Rach is closing out the week with an all-new recipe: She's making Tuna Steaks with Raw Puttanesca Sauce!