10 Comfortable Closet Staples You Can Wear Out of the House (+ How to Style Them)

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We all got used to wearing cozy clothes over these last 2 years, and while it's nice to be able to get out more now, none of us really want to start dressing up all the time, right? Enter style expert Gretta Monahan, who assures us that not only is it possible to style loungewear and even pajama tops and bottoms for the "real world," but these are actual runway trends right now! (Even designers and models don't want to let go of their comfort going back to work. 😂) 

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We set Gretta up with 10 fashionable, comfortable pieces, and she rose to the challenge of styling as many different outfits as she could using only these 10 clothing items. And yes, we included pajamas and sweats! 

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See all nine looks Gretta came up with below, and get her top tips for transitioning your wardrobe from full-WFH mode to a new hybrid lifestyle. Plus, shop all the picks. 

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Gretta's top tips for transitioning your at-home clothes into the real world: 

1. Get a good pair of jeans 

"It is no longer a weekend item. Long before Covid, offices were allowing them. This is definitely what's back. You can absolutely incorporate your jeans. Wear them different ways," Gretta says. 

High Rise Skinny Jeans In Classic Dark Indigo Wash

High Rise Skinny Jeans In Classic Dark Indigo Wash


2. Mix up your wardrobe (literally!) 

"This is all about looking back at your closet, mixing it up," Gretta says. "My biggest tip is, go in and however it was arranged before—really nice and neat, suits with suits, nighttime with nighttime, loungewear—mix it all up. Switch everything up. Put all the things in the back in the front." 

3. Split up suits + sets 

"Break up suits. Two pieces that match, spread them out,. Put them, with jeans, put them with tops."

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