2 Brilliant Chore & Reward Systems For Kids From Super Moms Daphne Oz & Hilaria Baldwin

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Giving your child chores and responsibility is one thing, but getting them to actually complete their tasks is another!

Here to help? Co-hosts of the "Mom Brain" podcast and resident super moms, Hilaria Baldwin and Daphne Oz, with two ideas for chore prize systems to keep your kids on track (while having fun too!).

1. Behavior Bucks + Fish Bowl Bank

"I love this because it's not like a bribery system," Daphne says.

Instead, Behavior Bucks inspires them to think about the long run.

Here's how it works: you assign an amount of bucks to a chore (ie. 2 bucks for putting your dish in the sink). Next, the whole family can create a "Prize Menu" so they can redeem their behavior bucks for an experience like a lunch with mommy or a play date.

Behavior Bucks Prize Menu
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Another clever tip? Order some fake money online and give your children each a fish bowl. As they're stocking up on behavior bucks, they can deposit it in their "banks" (aka the fish bowl) and it becomes a game!

"Just put it high enough so they won't steal," Daphne quips.

2. Patch + Penny System

Our next idea from Hilaria requires a bunch of fun patches (rainbows, milkshakes, and unicorns — oh my!)

Throughout the day, when one of her children does something really stellar, she has them pick a patch and throw it into a basket.

"They can also give [patches] to each other, which is really great because then they are noticing good behavior and starting to treat each other well," Hilaria says.

At the end of the day, they count all the patches. Hilaria gives a penny for each patch (and keeps it even between each child) and the kids then deposit those pennies in their own piggy banks.

Once they get 100 pennies, they get to buy a toy!

"They did 100 good behaviors to get one toy," Rach says. "Very clever."

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