2 Genius Products That Help Fight Bacteria: Antimicrobial Sponge + Water-Purifying Bottle Cap

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When it comes to beauty product finds, we always trust style & beauty expert and blogger Jenn Falik. (After all, she's been scouting and testing hidden product gems for 15 years now.) But as it turns out, she's a pro at finding genius lifestyle & home gems, too. 

And the best part is, these claim to help keep bacteria at bay. Score!

1. SkuraStyle Sponges ($14.99)

Skura Style Dish Sponge

"They're antimicrobial," Jenn explains. "They will never smell. They're genius sponges created by two moms who were sick of ick. Because sponges are gross."

"It'll get a cheesy omelette off of a pan," she adds. Plus, the fun monogram on the sponge starts to fade after a couple weeks, signaling that it's time for you to swap it out for a new one. So helpful! 

"You can also sign up for a subscription, and they'll automatically replenish your sponges when you need them for not much more than your basic grocery store buy," Jenn adds.

2. CrazyCap Bottle ($69 for bottle with cap)

CrazyCap 2.0 UV Water Purifier & Self Cleaning Water Bottle

"This is the most genius innovation to help you cut down on water bottle waste and spending so much money on pricey bottled water," Jenn says.

"Yes, it's a water bottle," Jenn explains, "but it also has a water purifying and cleaning system built right into it."

The cap has a UV light, the product-finding pro says. "You can tap it twice and it goes into normal mode and it'll purify the water," she explains. "But if you're not so sure where the water's from [and] you want to be extra careful, you tap it five times — and it claims to sterilize up to 99.999% of what's in the water."

Plus, not only can the rechargeable cap be used on standard reusable bottles (meaning you can buy the cap on its own if you already have a water bottle you love), but Jenn says the cap can also sterilize other surfaces, like your cell phone.

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