2019 Good News: World News Tonight Anchor David Muir Shares 2 Of His Favorite Stories

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Playing Good News 2019: Grandma Joy's Road Trip & Michael's Adoption Hearing | David Muir's America Strong

World News Tonight anchor David Muir is a hard-hitting news reporter, but he makes it a point to regularly share "good news" stories in his America Strong segment.

David chatted with Rach about two memorable pieces of good news that went viral in 2019. 

1. Grandma Joy's Road Trip

38-year-old Brad Ryan from Ohio wanted to help his 89-years-young grandma, Joy Ryan, see more of the country. They made it a goal to visit all 63 of the U.S. National Parks, and set off across the country to do just that.

"At 85 years old, she slept in her first tent," David says.

Grandma Joy and Brad share updates via social media (check out Grandma Joy's Road Trip on Instagram!) and they recently checked back in with David — and America — via video.

"I say, when we introduce these people to you, we have to go back and see how they're doing," David says. 

Joy and Brad have explored 51 out of 63 parks. They're currently exploring Hawaii!

2. Five-Year-Old Michigan Boy Brings Kindergarten Class To His Adoption Hearing

In Kent County, Michigan, a five-year-old boy named Michael Orlando Clark Jr. invited his whole kindergarten class to his adoption hearing.

"It was his forever family day, he was about to be adopted by his mom and dad," David says. "But he brought more than just his new mom and dad. He brought his entire kindergarten class and they were holding their paper hearts."

During an interview with a local news channel after the adoption, Michael held the microphone for his dad. Michael had something to say, though, so he took the mic to share. "I love my daddy. I love my daddy so much," he said.

Like Rach says, "It feels so good to cry for a good reason."

And as David put it, "There is good news out there. There really is." ❤️

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