3 Easy DIY Ideas For Pampering Your Pet

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Everyone loves a good home makeover show, and who doesn't enjoy seeing adorable animals on TV?

Well, put the two together and you get Animal Planet's makeover series, "Animal Cribs."

"Animal Cribs" host and designer Antonio Ballatore stopped by to talk about the show, which is all about creating custom spaces for pets.

And while some of the show's makeovers are pretty wild, it doesn't take a team of "barkitects" to pamper your own pet! Antonio is sharing 3 DIYs you can easily make at home for your cat or dog.

1. Cat Scratch Cactus

Antonio Ballatore and Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray Show

Whether you have one kitty or a few feline friends, you likely know how much cats enjoy a good scratching post. Well, you can make your own cat scratch cactus using just a few easy-to-find materials.

You will need:

  • PVC pipe, ideally pre-cut
  • Rope
  • Hot glue gun

Pro tip: You can find PVC pipe at pretty much any home improvement store, Antonio says. Some shops will have pre-cut PVC piping available, likely in a "scrap bin" that you can pick and choose from.

Once you have your supplies, all you have to do is snap the pieces of pipe together to create the fun cactus shape and use your hot glue gun to cover the entire thing in rope. Place a few cat toys on top and watch your fur baby go to town!

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2. Doggie Daybed

Doggie Daybed
Rachael Ray Show

This easy furniture hack lets you give your pup the royal treatment he or she deserves, without breaking the bank. Simply find an appropriately-sized side table, flip it upside down and put a cushion in there. And that's it — you're done!

If you'd like, you can decorate the bed with additional pillows, a canopy, a nametag or even your dog's favorite stuffed toy.

"All of this you can put your own little personal touch on," Antonio says. "Get creative, have fun with it, don't take it so seriously. Just make sure it's safe for the animals."

Always double-check that any materials you use, whether natural or man-made, are non-toxic and safe for pets.

3. Potty Station

Potty Station
Rachael Ray Show

"We did this on the show once," Antonio says. There was a blind dog living in Seattle, and the snow got too heavy for him. So we put this out on the porch. It gave him that sense of being outside."

Maybe your dog needs a special space close to home to do his business, or perhaps you're just trying to keep your lawn looking fresh. Whatever the reason, this potty station is perfect for your patio or yard.

You will need:

  • A wooden frame
  • Artificial turf
  • Decorative rocks and dirt

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