3 Easy & Inexpensive DIYs To Update Any Room In Your Home

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Feel like it's time to freshen up your home décor, but don't want to break the bank? Lucky for you, we've got inexpensive solutions from floor to ceiling! Designer Jeremiah Brent has three quick and easy décor DIY ideas that make a big impact — for little to no money.

PROBLEM: Faded Or Stained Rug
DIY SOLUTION: Overdyed Rug

overdyed rug DIY
Rachael Ray Show

If you love your patterned rug, but it's faded, well-worn or even a little stained, Jeremiah has a DIY trick that costs less than $5. Turn that rug you've had for years into a fresh, trendy, overdyed statement piece with a spray bottle and some liquid dye.

Fill a spray bottle with water and spray the entire rug so it's damp. Then, use a spray bottle to spray on liquid dye in the color of your choice — Jeremiah chose a dusty rose. "If you can't get the stain out, cover it up," Rach says. "Perfect for red wine," Jeremiah points out.

Pro Tip: Using a spray bottle means "you can control how much you want to put on the rug," the designer says. "You can layer it on."

Let it dry, and you've got a rug that's (almost) like new!

PROBLEM: Boring Walls
DIY SOLUTION: Architectural Statement Paint

architectural trim
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For a fresh pop of color that doesn't cost an arm and a leg (painting an entire room is costly!), Jeremiah suggests some cleverly placed statement paint. Pick an architectural detail or quirk in your home — like an archway, for example — to paint in a bright color for an unexpected yet impactful moment.

"You can really draw attention to a room and add some architecture through paint. It doesn't cost a lot of money," he says.

PROBLEM: Blah Lighting
DIY SOLUTION: Quirky Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights DIY
Rachael Ray Show

You've probably heard how lighting can transform a room, but you might also know that it's often very expensive. Jeremiah's tip? Using an inexpensive lighting kit from any hardware store, you can build your own pendant light.

The best part of the DIY pendant light trend is that you can use almost anything for your pendant based on your style: mason jars, colanders, salad bowls, pottery, baskets, macramé… the possibilities are practically endless. Just drill a hole through the bottom and feed the cord through.

"It's really impactful, and it's a really easy way for you to constantly curate your space," the designer says.

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