3 Easy + Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Kid's Bedroom

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Looking to give your kid's room a little upgrade without breaking the bank? 

Well, good news! The home gurus behind "Married to Real Estate" — builder Mike and interior designer Egypt — confirm, it can be done.  

"Depending on what their budget is, it can be as simple as paint!" says Egypt.  

Painting all the walls or even just one, for a "beautiful, bright pop of color," she says, can make all the difference.  

Another option? Wallpaper.  

And we're not talking about your grandmother's wallpaper ("in" as it may now be!).  

"Wallpaper of today is not the wallpaper of old!" Egypt promises. "You can get peel-and-stick, so it's very easy for anyone to apply [it]." 

However, her perhaps favorite suggestion — the one that arguably makes the biggest statement and is shockingly affordable, too? 

Creating a canopy. 

Here's her latest one:  

kids room
Egypt and Mike Jackson
kids room
Egypt and Mike Jackson
kids room
Egypt and Mike Jackson

Egypt says all it took was fabric (which she both bought and had cut at a local fabric store), wood dowels (easily found at Michael's or Home Depot), fishing wire, and hooks.  

Easy, right? And the best part? 

"You can't replace the look on their face when they walk in the room and say, 'Oh, my goodness!'" says Egypt. 

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