4 of The Best Supportive Sports Bras For Big Busts—And Small!

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Playing The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For Sports Bras | Expert Bra Fitter Kimmay Caldwell

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to sports bras is wearing your everyday basic bra to work out in, says expert bra fitter Kimmay Caldwell.

"Sports bras have a job to do and mostly it's to protect your bust. And also it's to protect your bras, because perspiration will kill your basic bras," Kimmay says. If you wear a regular bra to work out in, you're probably washing it more too. "And all that washing will break it down. You can wash your basic bras every now and then, but sports bras can be washed every time," Kimmay says.

So you know you need a sports bra, but how do you choose the right one? As Kimmay explains, not all sports bras are created equal!

Mistake #1: Wearing the same sports bra for different activities

Another one of the biggest mistakes people make is wearing the same sports bra for every activity. "Just like you have different bras for different outfits, you want different sports bras for different activities: high-impact, low-impact, no impact," Kimmay says.

She's helping two of our viewers find their perfect sports bra fits, and sharing tips all of us can use when shopping for sports bras.

Kimmay is a paid spokesperson for all four brands below.

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Mistake #2: Choosing a sports bra with non-adjustable straps

Our first viewer, Tabitha, says her current sports bra straps are too long, the bra is uncomfortable and it doesn't give her the right amount of support. "The strap of this bra is non-adjustable, so we can only get so good of a fit for her," Kimmay points out. 

High-impact solution: The bra fitting expert picked out the Le Mystere Active Balance Underwire Bra ($60) for Tabitha to try instead.

"The back of this bra is adjustable so she can get a really, really great fit. This is where all the support comes from. Also it has this option to do the J-hook in the back here, so you can get the neck support," Kimmay says.

Low-impact solution: Kimmay suggested Tabitha try the AnaOno Paige Wrap Front Sports Bra ($54). The wide band means you can move and flex, making it a great low-impact yoga bra, she says.

Mistake #3: Choosing a sports bra with the wrong amount of support

Next up is a viewer named Wendy, who says she's fuller busted and needs a little more support. Similarly to Tabitha, Kimmay says that while the bra she's currently wearing is a good bra, it's not great for Wendy or for the activities she's doing. "She wants high impact, so we want something that's actually going to support her and give her some shape," Kimmy explains. 

Underwire solution: Kimmay had Wendy try the Dominique Intimates Zoe Pro Max Support Underwire Sports Bra ($68) instead.

"This bra has a breathable amount of fabric… It's lined in cotton so it's really soft, but this has a hidden underwire so she can get the real support that she needs," Kimmay says.

Mistake #4: Thinking sports bras can't be pretty

Another option Kimmay suggested for Wendy is the Empreinte High Impact Underwire Sports Bra ($202).

"A lot of times if you have a full bust, you don't get those beautiful options. So now she has the option to wear something that is both supportive and breathable … and also looks dynamite on her," Kimmay says. 

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