5 Travel Workout Essentials This Super-Fit Doctor Takes On The Go

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Getting a workout in is hard enough when you're home and in your normal routine — so don't even get us started on working out while traveling. 

Luckily, our friend and resident doctor, Dr. Ian Smith, put together a portable workout kit that makes exercising while on the go super easy — and dare we say … fun?! 

Behold, Dr. Ian Smith's Fit Kit.

"These are things that you can take on the road with you," Dr. Ian says. "They fit right in your bag." Score! 

1. Smart Jump Rope

During his regular workouts, Dr. Ian tends to use an elliptical at the gym — but on the road, he jumps rope! 

"There are censors in [the handles of] this rope," the doc tells Rach about the smart rope. "It can keep track of all the things you do. Your revolutions, the calories you burn, the time it takes and what your goals are."

2. Resistance Band With Handles

No weights? No problem! 

"[This band has] different resistance levels," Dr. Ian says. So it's like working out with weights. Plus, you can use it to work multiple muscle groups. Because it has flexibility, you can contort it in various different ways and use it to work out your shoulders, triceps or biceps.

Watch Dr. Ian demonstrate in the video above.

3. Squat Band

"Instead of using weights," the doc says, "just use a resistance band." After all, using weights for squats can be pretty advanced — and if you overdo it, the doctor explains, you could be putting a lot of pressure on your lower lumbar spine which is where people have a lot of back pain.

Watch the video above to see how Dr. Ian situates the band on his body before he starts his squats.

4. Portable Muscle Stimulator

This is an on-the-go version of the fast, small twitch movements the doc does in the gym. You can use it on your legs or back, Dr. Ian says — or on your forearm, like he demonstrates in the video above. 

"It causes muscle contractions," the doctor explains, which helps to build muscle. "But you should only buy one if it's FDA cleared," he continues.

It's also not meant for people who are just starting a workout program, Dr. Ian stresses. This is for someone who is experienced or advanced in their fitness regimen.

5. Probiotics

Dr. Ian also packs probiotics when he travels. 

"Probiotics are live, fresh bacteria — good bacteria, backed by studies — that [help] you feel better," he explains. "[They] help nutrient absorption, make you feel regular, boost your immune system, increase your energy — all these great things."

Dr. Ian recommends and works with Jetson Probiotics because it's the world's first seasonal probiotic. "Every season," he says, "the probiotic changes." 

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