A Pro Organizer Uses This Simple Filing System To Keep Mail From Piling Up — And So Should You

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Playing Tackle Your Growing Stack Of Mail With This Simple Filing System

Mail, mail, and MORE MAIL. It seems like it's never-ending. (And we're not even talking about the digital kind!)

If you're like studio audience member Linda, you're so overwhelmed by paper mail that you throw it aside and have trouble finding an important piece when necessary.

"This is super serious," professional organizer Peter Walsh says. "A lot of people do this, and the problem threatens your financial health and the whole health of your family. You need a system."

So what system does Peter recommend?

Make a filing system with three files labeled Bills, Invitations and File (a.k.a. anything that doesn't require immediate action, but needs to be kept for record purposes).

Mail Filing System
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Then, each day, open every single piece of mail you receive. If it's junk mail, tear it up and recycle it. For the rest, place in each folder accordingly. Be sure to discard the envelopes and keep only the actual mail.

"So you have a system at home where you have every single piece of incoming mail dealt with every single day," Peter says.

After you've created your system, pick two days of the month (Peter suggests the 1st and the 15th). On these days, check your folders and tackle anything that needs to be done, like paying bills, answering invitations or filing important information.

Now to deal with the mail that's already in your house. First, get every single piece of mail you have and put it into a box. Peter says you should take that box and put it next to the television. Whenever you're catching up on your favorite show (like the "Rachael Ray" show ? ), go through five pieces of mail during the commercials and file them in your system.

Peter guarantees that in a week to ten days, that box will be dealt with.

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