After a Nationwide Search, These Are the Ugliest Houses in America—and One Is Getting a Makeover

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We've all seen beautiful house renovations, but now it's time to get ugly. Actress and comedian Retta Sirleaf is the host of a new show called "Ugliest Houses in America," which discovers some of the ugliest houses in the US most in need of an upgrade—and the ugliest of them all gets a $150,000 makeover.  

Retta took us inside two of the 12 "ugly" contenders. 

ugly houses

"My jaw is literally on my table," Rach says after seeing this first house. A cave bathroom? No thank you! 

ugly houses

Rach was down with the living room disco ball until she saw there was a Saturn ring around it and all the pink in the kitchen. Not to mention the carpeting. 

"I don't know what the fascination was with a lot of these homes with putting carpeting everywhere. There was carpeting in that kitchen, there was carpeting in the bathroom...that particular house had carpeting in the walkway in front of the house," says Retta. Carpeting outside the house? Now that's something we'll have to see to believe.  

"Ugliest Houses in America" is streaming right now on Discovery+. 


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