Airbnb Tour: Inside TLC Star Genevieve Gorder's Renovated Savannah, Georgia, Home

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Before TLC star and co-host of Netflix's "Stay Here," Genevieve Gorder, and her designer husband, Christian Dunbar, got married, Christian lived in this bachelor pad in the gorgeous Savannah, Georgia. 

genevieve gorder airbnb
Rachael Ray Show

Genevieve calls the home "mid-century magnificence that needed a little feminine love." And because her Netflix show "Stay Here" is all about renovating Airbnbs, and Christian has run and designed one before himself, the newlyweds figured it was time to turn one of their own homes into one — together, for the first time.

"As opposed to a home that someone lives in full-time and one that you're renting out, you depersonalize everything," Genevieve explains about their approach. "That's where design is the most powerful host. When you anticipate everything before they need it."

The couple expertly combined her "heritage and ancient" design aesthetic with his "minimalist and modernist" one — and boy, was it a match made in heaven.

genevieve gorder airbnb
Beau Kester

Get a sneak peek inside below (the couple also shared a few of their expert design tips and tricks) and get a full tour in the video above. 


This just speaks for itself, really:

genevieve gorder airbnb kitchen
Courtesy of Genevieve Gorder


genevieve gorder airbnb
Courtesy of Genevieve Gorder

 "I was very excited to attack the bathroom," Genevieve says — adding that it needed "a total gut." 

Christian added his own touch with an extra wood slab that he had never known what to do with. He put penetrating resin on it and transformed it into a "super slick and sexy" bathroom counter with a ton of character.

genevieve gorder airbnb bathroom
Rachael Ray Show


For adults: "Less is more," Genevieve says. So she puts two standard pillows on each side of the master bed and — at most — three decorative pillows total.

For kids: "Maximalist is what I do for kids," she explains, "because they like more pattern, more color. And they like to build forts."

Not for nothing, but we'd stay in this super fun room:

genevieve gorder airbnb kids room
Rachael Ray Show

Pro tip: If you have more furniture than wall space, like Genevieve and Christian did, gut one of the closets and turn it into a furniture nook. (Check that out in the video above!)

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