Best Shows & Movies to Stream in 2022

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Looking for all the best shows and movies to binge right now?

We got all the must-see TV show and movie details from Jeremy Parsons, New York Correspondent for's "PEOPLE (The TV Show!)," so you can watch all of the best options out there. Grab some snacks and hit the couch—here are his top five picks.  

1. If You're a Fan of Horror Movies... 

Watch: "Scream 5" 

Start by watching the first four movies in the "Scream" series, and then follow it up with "Scream 5", which was released January 14th. "The original cast members: David Arquette, Courtney Cox, Neve Campbell all return," says Jeremy. "Who is it behind that mask? Maybe we'll find out this time around."  

Fun Fact: "Neve has revealed that she's excited to return to this fictional town of Woodsborough, which is where the original movie was set, and so the sequels have kind of bounced around a bit, [but] they get back to the original [in Scream 5] to some degree," Jeremy reveals.   

You can stream Scream 5 on Paramount+.

2. If You're Looking For a Crime Drama Show To Binge... 

Watch: "Ozark"  

Ozark, one of Rach's favorites, is bringing their show to a close with the fourth and final season that premiered on January 21st. "We're going to find out what exactly the cartel boss Navaro has in mind for this new level of partnership with Marty and Wendy. It will be two parts, this season, 7 episodes each—a lot of episodes, more than ever," Jeremy says.  

Fun Fact: "The first-look trailer hinted at a tragic ending. It shows some scenes of a Byrde family car crash. We don't know exactly what's going on with that, but the theme here is sort of the past finally catching up with the Byrdes. Can they stay ahead of the storm and the wrath that they keep running from?" 

You can watch the fourth season of "Ozark" on Netflix.

3. If You Liked Julia Garner in Ozark... 

Watch: "Inventing Anna"  

If you, like Rachael, are sad that Ozark is coming to a close this season, you can still see Julia Garner, but this time in a show called 'Inventing Anna' that premiered on Netflix on February 11th. "It's this bizarre true story of a woman who scammed New York City socialites out of money and everything else," explains Jeremy. "I'm excited to see Julia, though, going from this sort of down and out character that we've gotten to know [in Ozark] totally transition to this high life."  

Fun Fact: "This is a Shoda Rhimes series", Jeremy reveals. So, if you were a fan of Bridgerton or Scandal—two series also produced by Shonda, this may be the next show for you.  

You can watch "Inventing Anna" on Netflix.

4. If You're a Reality TV Show Fan... 

Watch: "The Amazing Race"   

So many shows faced massive filming delays and issues due to COVID and "The Amazing Race" was no different, but now it's finally back. "Season 33 had some hiccups. They started filming then it was halted in late February because of COVID. They completed three episodes including stops in England and Scotland. They took some time, came up with a safe plan so 18 months later, resumed filming. They got a big charter plane and put all of production and the cast on that plane from location to location kind of created their own traveling pod." 

Fun Fact: "Apparently, the cast members overall are not going to be able to use public transportation, so they're going to have to kind of drive themselves, which you know if you watch the show can add a whole other level to the competition and chaos."  

You can stream Season 33 of "The Amazing Race" on Paramount+.  

5. If You Liked Breaking Bad... 

Watch: "Better Call Saul" 

Another one of Rach's favorites, "Better Call Saul" came into its final season early this year. "Season 6...the timeline is approaching the start of 'Breaking Bad.' So, we're going to see how this kind of syncs up. We can expect to see Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Jesse Plemons—some of those favorites from Breaking Bad," according to Jeremy.   

Fun Fact: "The cast has all said it is going to blow people's minds. Season 6 is out of control. And that's what we see in the evolution as it's becoming more like 'Breaking Bad,' and these characters, the show writers said, the 'Breaking Bad' characters, we're going to see them in a whole different light as these storylines come to fruition."   

You can watch "Better Call Saul" on Netflix. 

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