"Black Lightning's" Cress Williams Moved His 2 Kids and 2 Dogs Across the Country in a Jeep Wrangler

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A superhero move — quite literally!

"Black Lightning" star Cress Williams — he plays the titular Black Lightning — recently moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta, Georgia, where his hit CW superhero show is filmed.

But there were no Hollywood trappings to this move!

"We drove in a Jeep Wrangler," says Cress, who's also an alum of "Friday Night Lights" and "Hart of Dixie."

"It was me, at the time my two kids [13-year-old daughter Georgia and two-and-a-half-year-old son Josiah], and my two dogs, all in the Jeep Wrangler."


Sound pretty heroic? Well, he's since added one more to his brood — a 4-month-old daughter with wife Kristen!

(No wonder when we asked Cress what his dream superpower would be, he instantly answered, "Teleportation!")

But while all of that might exhaust you just by listening to it, Rachael says that adventure sounds RIGHT up her alley.

"That sounds like so much fun to me!" she says. "Like, I would be a part of that road trip. I would make the road snacks!" (Cinnamon-dusted apple chips, anyone?)

As for her co-host for the day, Chef Curtis Stone? Not so much!

"My head's still spinning!" says Curtis. "[My wife and I] have two kids and two dogs. And to bring in a third child, I just think it would tip us over the edge. I think my wife would get in that Jeep Wrangler and she'd just drive away!"

Cress gets it: "You're outnumbered now! You can't go man-to-man. You gotta go zone."


Watch more of the trio's chat — including a "lightning" round of questions with Cress (see what we did there?) — in the video above!

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