Bob Harper Reveals Why He Started Doing Aerobics Again During Quarantine

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We know Bob Harper loves a gym visit — so we had to know how the celebrity trainer is keeping up with his workout routine at home during the pandemic.

When we checked in with him back in June, Bob admitted that his quarantine workout routine was "intense." But now, a few months later, all he wants to do is have fun. 

"Girl, I'm going back to my roots," Bob tells Rach. "Back in the ['90s], I was an aerobics teacher. I did step classes." And he LOVED the outfits. (As did we!)

"Back in the day, when I was poor, I saved up all my money to get those Reebok high-tops," the celeb trainer jokes. 

"I've always loved group fitness, and so, right now, especially in quarantine, I want to have fun, Rachael," he goes on. "I don't need to take anything so seriously. I always do take working out so seriously. Now, I'm in my garage just dancing all around, just having the best time [and] blasting the music."

"I just started stepping up on my apple box, I started [sweating], I started feeling really good," Bob says. "The best thing about it is that I was so happy. It's been very important for me to not only stimulate my body, but to stimulate my mind, too."

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"Find joy in it," he suggests to anyone working out during this time. "Don't do some workout that you're just dreading. I want you to be so dialed in [with] whatever it is." 

Watch Bob demonstrate a minute of his aerobics workout in the video above, and check out Bob's full Instagram Live workout below.

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