Can You Hang Christmas Lights Without a Ladder With This Light-Hanging Kit?

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Falls from hanging Christmas lights lead to thousands of injuries every year, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Putting up your lights without having to use a ladder could make holiday decorating a breeze.

"Christmas lights can be tough to manage when you're going up high," one viewer named Taryn says. "It does look better when you have them on the house, which is something I've always wanted, I’ve just never been able to."

If there was something out there that she could use to help her hang Christmas lights outside without having to get on a ladder, Taryn says that would be perfect.

Taryn tested out a light-hanging kit to see if it made hanging her lights less scary.

Product: No Ladder Pro Light Hanging Kit

Claims to be an effective and safer way to hang your holiday lights without using a ladder.

See what Taryn thought of the light-hanging kit in the video above!

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