Celeb Stylist's Advice For Clothes Getting Tight During Pandemic Is Exactly What We Needed To Hear

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Stress eating is a thing — and it arguably has never been more of a thing than during the Covid-19 pandemic. (We don't know about you, but a year later, we're still stress baking.) So if your clothes got tight because of pandemic weight gain, you are certainly not alone — and celebrity stylist June Ambrose's advice is exactly what we all need to hear. (She's behind the iconic looks of everyone from Jay-Z to Missy Elliott!)

"Here's the thing — all of your blousier items in your closet? Put them to use and give yourself a little grace," June says. "Don't feel so pressured to fit back into those pieces right away. We have been less mobile, so just put them to the side for now so they won't depress you, but don't get rid of them." 

"Everybody has been indoors. It's still cold. As the warmer months and the better days and the brighter skies come, you'll get back out there and you'll feel better," Rach adds. "Don't be so hard on yourself right now. This is not the time. Not the time." YES, Rach! 💖

In the meantime, though ...

"Utilize your big kimonos, your oversized shirts, like I'm wearing now — because I also put on a couple pounds," she continues. "I throw a big-sized shirt over my snug jeans that would typically give me a muffin top if I were wearing it with a tight T-shirt."

Bottom line? If it doesn't fit, don't force it! 

"Don't put yourself in anything that would make you sad," the celeb stylist says. "There [are] plenty of blousy pieces in your closet — sweatshirts, hoodies, oversized T-shirts."

Another one of her tricks? "Put yourself in color," June says. "Find happy colors! That also helps." 

Or, if you're like Rach and like to wear darker colors, like navy and black, wear a bold lip color to pick yourself up a bit, June suggests. (You got this! 💋) Plus, June reveals which vintage pieces in your closet will never go out of style in the video above.

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