Coloring Gray Hair At Home: Stylist's Trick For Helping Box Dye Results Last Longer

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Playing How To Color Gray Hair At Home So It Lasts | Queer Eye Grooming Expert Kyan Douglas

Original "Queer Eye" grooming expert, stylist Kyan Douglas, helped us pull off an amazing double makeover for a mother-daughter duo. Both women had been rocking their gray hair, but Kyan hooked them up with salon cuts and color.

If you want to color your hair at home, you can use box dye to cover grays, Kyan says. But, there's one step he recommends adding to the process.

"If you've ever tried to cover gray at home, you know that you'll put on the product, you leave it on for the right amount of time but still the gray doesn't always get covered," he says.

This is because gray hair has a different texture, the stylist explains. When the dye is processing, it actually lifts up the gray hair at the root, so a lot of the gray comes out of the color. This means you're not actually getting the full length of time with the color.

Kyan shares his number one tip for DIY hair dye that helps color last longer between applications.

If you're going to cover your grays at home, here's the super easy solution: Halfway through the process, reapply the color onto the gray hair to make sure it's getting the full amount.

There should be plenty of color left in the box after the first application to touch up your stubborn grays, Kyan assures us.

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