Cute + Fun DIY Cardboard Brick Pizza Oven That Will Inspire Your Kids’ Creativity

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Erica Domesek, DIY expert behind the lifestyle brand @psimadethis, has become known for her kid-friendly crafts that are not only inexpensive and easy, but will also jumpstart your child’s creativity (like her “veggie garden” snack and adorable piggy banks).   

Here, Erica shares her DIY cardboard brick pizza oven from her new book “P.S. We Made This” that teaches kids about cooking and the importance of reusing items around their home too.  

P.S.- We Made This: Super Fun Crafts That Grow Smarter + Happier Kids!

P.S.- We Made This: Super Fun Crafts That Grow Smarter + Happier Kids!

$24.99 $18.99

Here are step-by-step instructions: 

What You Need 

-Large Cardboard Box 

-Smaller Cardboard Box 

-Large Piece of Cardboard 


-Colored Construction Paper (Including Red, Orange and Yellow) 



-Box Cutter 

-Crayons or Colored Pencils 

How to Make 

1. On the large cardboard box, trace an arch (a semicircle) and bricks for your pizza oven using a marker. 

2. Cut the arch and bricks out using a box cutter. 

3. Cut out flame shapes using red, orange and yellow construction paper. Layer and glue the shapes together to create “hot flames.” 

4. Glue “hot flames” to the inside walls of the large cardboard box. 

5. Put smaller cardboard box in the oven; this is your “pizza brick.” Then, tape the top of the large cardboard box shut.  

6. Color bricks using crayons or colored pencils. 

7. Draw and cut out a pizza paddle using the large piece of cardboard.  

8. Make your own pizza and toppings out of colored construction paper. 

Now, it’s time to “make pizza!” 

“I like mine extra crispy,” Erica says. 

Overall, Erica says this fun and easy craft will help kids learn fine motor skills and sustainability practices. 

“Because we’re repurposing things we already have in the house and we’re having fun at the same time.” 

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