"Dharma & Greg" Star Jenna Elfman On Whether She Thinks The Couple Would Still Be Together Today

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It's been more than 20 years since the Chuck Lorre-produced comedy "Dharma & Greg" first premiered in 1997, and since Jenna Elfman won the Golden Globe for Best Actress as Dharma in 1999. So, where does she think the pair would be today?

"I think they'd be together," Jenna says immediately of her character Dharma and Thomas Gibson's Greg.

And in response to Rach's husband, John, joking about whether one or both of them would be a zombie? (Jenna is currently a character on the post-apocalyptic show "Fear The Walking Dead.")

"I think Dharma would be immune to whatever this zombie-turning virus would be," she says with a laugh. "She was just so pure and joyful."

20 years later, though, Jenna says she does miss "Dharma & Greg."

"I miss it in a not, like, longing to be doing it again way, but in [that there's] just so much gratitude and enjoyment. That the memories are so pleasurable. And the effect it created on the viewers was so awesome. Just so much joy. And it was airing in every country. All five seasons are available now on Hulu, which is great, because I feel like it's still relevant."

"Dharma didn't ask for permission to be who she was. She owned who she was and she led with joy and I think that's so great for girls now," Jenna continues. "I love that I'm hearing from parents that are sharing it with their daughters as an example. It's cool. So I like keeping it alive. I'm so proud of it."

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