DIY Dog Treat Container + Personalized Leash Holder

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We see a ton of DIY projects we can do for our home, but what about ones for our furry friends? 

Jenni — a DIY expert from Milwaukee, WI, who started a blog called "I Spy DIY" — is demonstrating how to make a personalized leash holder and dog treat container for your pup … with only six easy-to-find items total.

Follow the step-by-step guides below and watch Jenni make both projects in the video above. 

Personalized Leash Holder

leash holder


  • Slice of wood (which you can get at a craft store)
  • Double hooks (Jenni likes double hooks because they look like a dog's snout!)
  • Paint pen
  • Pen or pencil 


  1. Trace your dog's face with a pen or pencil on the piece of wood. (You can free hand it or find an outline online as a guide.)
  2. Fill in the outline with paint pen.
  3. Attach a double hook with a drill and screws.
  4. Mount to your wall and hang leashes! 

Personalized Dog Treat Container 

treat canister


  • Canister
  • Plastic bones


  1. Spray paint the plastic bone in a well-ventilated area outside.
  2. Super glue it to the top of the canister.
  3. Personalize the canister with letter stickers.  

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