DIY Wall Christmas Trees: 3 Ideas Perfect For Small Spaces

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When it comes to original Christmas decorations, "The Great Christmas Light Fight" judge Taniya Nayak is a pro. And she doesn't only judge decorations — she DIYs them, too!

That's why we weren't surprised when she showed us three out-of-the box holiday décor DIYs that we honestly never would have thought of ourselves. (Seriously, your neighbors won't have anything like this!) 

Not to mention her DIY wall Christmas tree ideas are perfect for people who live in small spaces. 



cork board tree
Rachael Ray Show

Do you have beautiful leftover ornaments that didn't quite fit on your tree — OR do you live in a small space with no room for an actual tree?

Either way, this cork board tree is your new BFF! (And really, who doesn't have an unused cork board lying around?)

All you have to do is lay your cork board flat on the ground and hang ornaments on it with clear fish wire in the shape of a tree. It's a fun activity for kids, too! 

Pro Tip: Start from the bottom and work your way up, Taniya suggests. 


wrapping paper tree
Rachael Ray Show

If you don't have otherwise useless wrapping paper scraps leftover after your gift-wrapping spree, we applaud you — but if you do, listen up! 

Roll up those scraps, staple them and tack them onto a brown butcher paper-covered foam core board in the shape of a Christmas tree. And voila, they won't go to waste! 


mason jar tree wreath
Rachael Ray Show

Don't get us wrong, we love a good traditional wreath — but we also love this genius wreath alternative. 

Grab all those mason jar lids that are collecting dust in your cabinets, glue them together in the shape of a Christmas tree with a glue gun. (Safety first, friends!) Then, using twine, tie small ornaments around each loop, like so:

mason jar wreath
Rachael Ray Show

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