"Face The Truth" Host Vivica A. Fox *Faces* a Lie Detector Test Right In Our Studio

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Considering Vivica A. Fox's new CBS show, "Face The Truth," is all about — well — facing the truth, we thought it would be fitting to have the actress *face* a lie detector test when she visited our show.

"I'm helping everyday people face their problems," Vivica explains of the new show she's hosting. "And trust me, we are giving them the truth."

And she gave US the truth, too. (Spoiler alert: She didn't lie *once.*)

Get all of her honest answers below!

Q: Did you ever get turned down for a role and know you would've played the part better than the person they hired?

A: "Yes," Vivica says after briefly hesitating.

"You gotta be proud of your work ethic!" Rach responds. "Good for you."

Q: Is there a "Kill Bill, Vol. 3" in the works?

A: "I've heard the rumor for a long time," she admits.

(Rach is hoping this one's true!)

Q: Do you have any ex-boyfriends that you wish you were still dating?

A: "No, no, no," Vivica answers with *no* hesitation.

You tell 'em, girl!

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Q: You play Taraji P. Henson's sister on the hit show "Empire." Do you get along like real sisters on set?

A: "Absolutely," Vivica says.

And Rach had to throw one more in for good luck!

"Do you like your friend Rachael?" she asks with a giggle.

"I love you!"

Aw, see, the truth doesn't *always* hurt!

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