FBI's Jeremy Sisto Reveals His Daughter Started Using His Wife's Maiden Name—and Explains Why

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Jeremy Sisto joins Rach to chat all about the latest drama on "FBI"—and the clip he shares actually has some parallels to his real life.  

"This episode is a pretty intense one for [my character], Jubal. He learns that his son knows the suspects. So, this is the scene where he learns his son is somehow involved in this [dangerous] world," says Jeremy.  

And the discovery comes when he realizes his son on the show is actually using his wife's maiden name.

"I find out that my son is using my wife's maiden name—he's not using my name any longer, which is concerning, but I should say that my [real] daughter recently started using my wife's last name," Jeremy shares. Woah, talk about a wild parallel!  

"I'm choosing to believe it's because [my wife] has a really cool last name. My wife's name is Addie Lane—anything with Lane, Charlie Lane, it makes you immortal. You're a street name." says Jeremy.  

"But, I also think it's because she's embarrassed of me a little bit, which I don't agree. If anyone is embarrassed of anyone, I mean I've seen her meltdown on street corners. It's not fair—I'm going to talk to her about that," Jeremy jokes. But, all jokes aside, he does approve. 

"I like her using that name—it's better than Sisto, honestly," he says.  

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