Get the Exclusive Pattern for Spaghetti + Meatballs Crochet Dog Hat (Made in Honor of Rach!)

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This social media sensation has gone viral for taking "dog food" to the next level — by crocheting food-shaped hats for her dogs!

Say hello to Jani, who makes these beauts for her baby girls, Sookie and Ivy, her senior, rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier mixes.

"I started crocheting in 2018 because we had a harsh winter," Jani (a.k.a. TikTok and Instagram's @sookieandivy) explains. "We kept losing power for days at a time, and I needed something to occupy my hands."

After learning the basics, Jani got to work — and her main muses were her pups. First, she made them snoods. But about two years ago, she tried something different: carrot hats for Easter.

And the internet — specifically, 1.3 million followers across both platforms and counting — couldn't get enough.

"I didn't intend for crochet to become such a large part of my life or my identity," says Jani. "It started off as a very casual hobby, but it definitely has been a very fun journey."

A few of her favorites? Frankenstein's monster (for Ivy specifically), sunflowers, and Easter bunnies. "I think the girls wear them so well!" says Jani.

Most of all, though, Jani loves that she's not the only one having fun.

"All of our content is made possible because Sookie and Ivy absolutely love filming," says Jani. "If they didn't love filming, we wouldn't do this. They get fired up as soon as I start setting up for our next video, and it's a fun activity for all three of us. The girls are both seniors — they'll be 10 and 12 next month — so these sit-down videos are a great source of mental stimulation without the physical exertion."

We couldn't be more charmed!

No, actually, we already are, because — wait for it — as a special tribute to Rachael, Jani made a custom crochet pattern, and it couldn't be more perfect for our Italian queen: It's a spaghetti and meatballs hat.

crochet dogs
Rachael Ray Show

The cuteness! If you'd like to make the hat for your own furry little love, scroll down for instructions or CLICK HERE to download and print a copy of Jani's custom spaghetti and meatballs crochet pattern.

Measurements: This pattern is made to size based on your dog’s measurements. Gauge does not matter.


Sookie and Ivy Crochet

4.5mm crochet hook
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle
Worsted weight yarn in 3 colors (cream, red, and brown)
Measuring tape
Elastic stretch cord (or scrap yarn) for hat strap
Floral leaves for “basil” [optional] 


mr magic ring 
st(s) stitch(es) 
sc single crochet 
hdc half double crochet 
dc double crochet 
inc increase 
dec decrease 
sl st slip stitch 
rnd round 
( ) total number of stitches at the end of the round are shown between round brackets 
(…) [ ] repeat instructions between square brackets 
[…] as many times as indicated in pattern instructions 


This project is completed in continuous rounds

To avoid stacked increases, split up the even increase rows (for example, instruction [ sc 2, inc ] x 6 – start round with 1 sc instead of 2; row will end with 1 sc instead of an increase) 

Base – The base size is determined by the size of your dog’s head. Smaller sizes will likely not need to be increased beyond round 5. Medium sizes will likely not need to be increased beyond round 8. Only larger sizes will need to be increased to round 9 or 10. Determine your needed size by checking the base on your dog’s head; it should sit on top of the head and should not cover your dog’s ears. 


base instructions
Sookie and Ivy Crochet


The spaghetti strands are wrapped up foundation cords.

1. Using 4.5mm hook and cream worsted weight yarn, make a slip knot. Leave a very long tail (3 to 5-foot tail for small sizes, 6 to 8-foot tail for medium sizes, and 8 to 10-foot tail for larger sizes) 

2. Wrap the tail around the hook (two loops on hook) 

3. Using working end, yarn over and pull through both loops on hook 

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until remaining tail is about 4 inches long 

5. Fasten off working end, leaving a 4-inch tail. Tie working end and tail together. Give the strand a good stretch. 

6. Hold the end with both tails between your thumb and fingers and wrap the spaghetti strand around your fingers (for smaller sizes, only wrap around 2-3 fingers). Tie the two ends around your wrapped strand to complete your “clump of spaghetti”. 

7. Do not weave in your ends yet; needed for assembly. 

Make 2-3 clumps for smaller sizes, 3-4 clumps for medium sizes, and 4-5 clumps for larger sizes. 

Sookie and Ivy Crochet

To make your foundation cord, make a slip knot, leaving as long of a tail as indicated in the pattern. Wrap the tail over the hook (two loops on hook), then using the working end, yarn over and pull through both loops. Repeat until tail end is about 4 inches. Fasten off and tie ends together. 

Sookie and Ivy Crochet

Wrap strand around your fingers between the two tails (for smaller sizes, only wrap around 2-3 fingers). Tie your ends around your wrapped strand to complete your spaghetti clump. Do not weave in ends. 

Sauce – Increase your sauce to the same round and number of stitches as your base. Only the final round will differ from your base. 


Sookie and Ivy Crochet

Meatballs – Make Two 

SMALL MEATBALL (for smaller sizes) 

Sookie and Ivy Crochet

LARGE MEATBALL (for medium to larger sizes) 

Sookie and Ivy Crochet


Step One – Attach spaghetti clumps to base 

Using a tapestry needle, attach clumps equidistant by weaving both ends through top of base (attach anywhere between rnds 2-4), and tightly tie ends together to secure. Weave in ends. 

Step Two – Attach sauce to base 

Using a tapestry needle, weave the center tail at the bottom of your sauce through the center of the base and tightly tie the sauce center tail and base center tail together. Weave in your center tails. Line up the back of your base and sauce. Using a tapestry needle and the long tail of your sauce, secure your sauce to your base at each sauce “peak”. Do not do this too tightly, or too loosely. Secure and weave in end. **This is a good time to arrange your spaghetti clumps how you like** 

Sookie and Ivy Crochet

Weave the tail of your sauce up through the base/sauce and back down at each peak (up through the first dc and down through the second dc of each peak) 

Step Three – Attach meatballs to sauce Using a tapestry needle, whipstitch your stuffed meatballs to the top of your sauce. Secure and hide tail. 

Step Four – Attach strap Using elastic stretch cord (or scrap yarn) and tapestry needle, attach a strap to your base. The length of the strap will vary depending on the circumference of your dog’s head. 

Sookie and Ivy Crochet

Step Five [optional] – Add garnish and any other customization Using green floral, add a “basil” garnish between your two meatballs. You can secure your garnish with a dab of glue if needed; I just poked the ends through a stitch in the bottom round of my meatballs. You can further customize your finished hat by adding any additional garnish you’d like. For example, you can use scrap white/cream yarn to add “shavings” of parmesan cheese, or you can use scrap red yarn to make a small sauce “splash”/”hat” for your meatballs. This meatball sauce garnish can also be accomplished by starting your meatball(s) with red yarn instead of brown and switching to brown after round 3 for smaller sizes or after round 4 for larger sizes. 

Step Six [optional] – Add a second base to your hat bottom for a polished finish For a polished finish, make a second base minus the last round of scs and whipstitch it to your hat bottom. Secure and weave in ends. I like to whipstitch the second base through the back bar of the final round scs of the original base and through both loops of the second base.

Sookie and Ivy Crochet

And your Spaghetti and Meatballs dog hat is finished!

Copyright Notice 

The photographs and pattern contained in this document are property of Sookie and Ivy Crochet. This pattern is for personal use only. No authorized reproduction, in whole or in part, or distribution of this pattern or content is permitted. You are welcome to sell finished products made using this pattern. If selling products online, please give pattern credit to Sookie and Ivy Crochet. No wholesale. 

If you find any errors or need assistance with this pattern, please email

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