Gwyneth Paltrow Reflects On Special Moment She Shared With Husband Right After Their Wedding Ceremony

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After Gwyneth Paltrow slayed in the kitchen with her Fish Tacos on Jicama "Tortillas" recipe, she sat down with Rachael to dish about her recent wedding.

Gwyneth married "American Horror Story" co-creator Brad Falchuk in September and the wedding day glow has yet to fade!

"It was the best day, it was so special," Gwyneth says. "I feel very lucky. Very, very lucky."

After the nuptials, the newlyweds headed off to Italy for a quick mini-moon, just the two of them. Sounds perfect to us!

Because her big day went off without a hitch, a bride-to-be named Sam in our studio audience asked Gwyneth if she had any wedding advice.

"Stick with your instincts," Gwyneth urges. "Nobody is going to know what you want more than you."

Then she shared a page from her own wedding book.

"One thing we did right after the ceremony, which I would recommend so much is, we just went, the two of us, into a room and had a glass of wine before the pictures and the party," Gwyneth remembers, "and just sort of tried to process what we had just promised to each other, and tried to metabolize that moment."

"I would recommend that," she continues. "That was really special."

Wow, what a great reminder for any couple on their wedding day. It really is about you two, so listen to Gwyneth and take in your moment!

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