Health Benefits of Honey: It May Actually Do More Than Help That Sore Throat

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Honey is said to help soothe a sore throat, but could it have other health benefits?

Our friend and TV personality Dr. Oz thinks so!

"It contains powerful immune-boosting antioxidants," he tells us, "and early evidence indicates it might help with blood sugar and cholesterol."

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It also has antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits, the doc says.

"If you put that delicious honey on a wound," he explains to Rach, "it suffocates the bacteria and actually soaks the moisture out of the wound."

The health benefits of honey are so vast, in his opinion, that Dr. Oz has actually become a beekeeper!

After he realized that the fruit trees on his property weren't yielding anything, he enlisted the help of some buzzy, yellow-and-black friends. The bees would pollinate the plants, and, he says, make them fertile. The added bonus is, of course, honey, which he harvests with his son Oliver.

The father and son even showed us how they collect the sticky stuff!

Wearing protective suits, they use smoke to simulate a forest fire, causing the bees to make a speedy exit, so they can scrape some of the honey off (not all, they told us, because the bees need the honey to survive the winter!).

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Then, they extract it, bottle it up and enjoy the farm-fresh honey.

Watch the process in the video above!

(For the record, Rach gave the honey a big thumbs up and even used it in her Honey Mustard Chicken.)

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