Here's How Caffè Palermo's "Cannoli King" Has Been Making Cannoli for 45 Years

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There's a reason they call John Delutro the "Cannoli King"—he's been crafting this sweet, crunchy Italian dessert for over four decades!

And lucky for us, he walked us through the recipe in his legendary Little Italy shop, Caffè Palermo.

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First, he makes the cannoli dough, then he flattens it out and cuts it into a shell shape using an old-fashioned cannoli cutter. Then, he flattens it some more, wraps it around a cannoli stick to craft the signature shape and deep fries it.

Next, he mixes up the cannoli cream combining ricotta cheese, vanilla, sugar and chocolate chips. He also throws in a secret ingredient that he wouldn't reveal (Hey, the Cannoli King's gotta keep some secrets). 

The cannoli cream whips for 15 to 20 minutes before he scoops it out, pours it into a pastry bag and fills each one by hand.

Watch the amazing old-school recipe come together in the video above!

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