Here’s What You Can Do About Thinning Hair, According to a Celeb Hairstylist

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The problem of thinning hair and hair loss affects millions of American women of all ages, celebrity hairstylist Tabatha Coffey says. In fact, it seems to be happening younger and younger, and it’s not just because of aging, she explains.

So when an audience member named Carol came to Tabatha with the issue, the hair pro was quick to assure her that she’s not alone!

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Q: “As I’ve gotten older, my hair is really getting thin. I just want to to do something with it so it doesn’t look flat all the time. What can I do at home that’s going to give me some ‘oomph’ and some body so that it looks like I have a little bit thicker hair than I have now? It’s embarrassing. I’ll wash my hair and I’ll blow-dry it and think it looks good and then two minutes later, it’s flat.”

- Carol

A: So what’s a woman to do to get those luscious locks back — or least pretend like you have them? Tabatha has two quick tricks that anyone can do.

First, she recommends Keratin fibers. These tiny fibers are made out of colored Keratin protein‚ a compound that already exists in your natural hair. You sprinkle them through your hair and they bond with your existing hair.

(Watch Tabatha do just that in the video above!)

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“It actually makes the hair thicker and fills in any gaps,” explains Tabatha.

Tabatha’s second tip is probably already in your hair care routine!

Dry shampoo! It’s not just for dirty hair, the pro says.

“It gives it texture, it gives it oomph, it gives it a little body,” says Tabatha. To apply it, tilt your head forward and scrub it through.

You have to see the instant results for yourself in the video above!

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