Hero Pit Bull Saves Her Family From a Potential Gas Explosion

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Not all heroes wear capes, some wear collars!

Sadie, an 11-year-old pit bull from Tuckahoe, New York, helped save her family — mom, Serena and Serena's four-year-old daughter — from a potential gas explosion.

While Serena was at work one day, she received a call from the police saying that Sadie was outside, roaming around and barking. When Serena arrived back home, she was greeted by the police and fire department and learned that Sadie had led them back to the house to alert them about a gas smell in the driveway.

Sadie clawed at more than one door to try to get out of the house before finally digging out a wooden door stopper and sliding a door open.

"I've had her for 11 years, [she] never tried to escape," Serena says. "So this was extremely unusual."

Sadie saved the house and potentially some lives that day. Like Rach says, "Animals have amazing instincts."

"My advice to people with pets — if you see something out of the ordinary, don't dismiss it," Serena shares. "Absolutely pay attention to any signs because your dog is trying to tell you something."

For being such an amazing pup, Rach gave Sadie a year's worth of Nutrish dog food and six months of doggie daycare at Buddy's Barking Lot!

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