"Hollywood Brandfather" Rohan Oza On 3 Basic Steps to Starting a Business

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Dubbed the “Hollywood Brandfather” in 2015, Rohan Oza’s first big marketing deal was with a major beverage company. And he’s been making a name for himself in the food and beverage industry ever since — thanks to innovative ideas and strategic celebrity partnerships.

Now, after appearing as a guest judge on “Shark Tank” in 2017, Rohan is back for the show’s 10th season to help a new set of hopeful entrepreneurs navigate the intimidating waters of starting a business.

“It’s why I did ‘Shark Tank’ actually,” he says. “Because I’m living the American dream. I’m an immigrant — I came to this country, I’ve done well, and it’s a way to pay it forward.”

Because of his success, Rohan is often asked to give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, so he shared his three basic principles for jump-starting a successful business.


“Have a real idea that people need,” Rohan says. “And people don’t always know they need it. Then, follow through with that idea.” Like he points out, anyone can say they had an idea first — but only the one who actually follows through will get the credit.


While now-classic brands have packaging that has become iconic over the years, Rohan says that these days, new products have to be over-the-top appealing.

“Millennials, Gen Z are much more demanding, he says. "Have a package that pops off the shelf."


Thirdly, passion. Passion for your idea is a must, according to Rohan. If you’re truly passionate about your product, “everyone will follow you,” he says. “They will charge the mountain with you.”

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