How Long Does an Opened Tube of Tomato Paste Last in the Fridge?

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Thank you, @JamaicaMama80 on Instagram, for asking Rach a question we're all frankly very interested in knowing the correct answer to:

QUESTION: How long does an opened tube of tomato paste last in the fridge?

RACHAEL'S ANSWER: "You have to be careful and roll it up from the bottom — just like toothpaste — and get all the air out. Air is what would make that spoil or get a little funky on you.

"And you want to make sure that the tube itself when you buy it is not busted on the end. So I literally open the box and look at it. You want to make sure that the integrity of the original package that you're buying, that it's intact when you bring it home."

But all in all she says, "Basically, if you protect it from air, it will keep for several months."

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So there you have it! Practice your tube rolling skills and you'll be in good shape with your tomato paste for quite some time. Thanks, Rach!

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